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Brain Facts

Updated on August 21, 2009

Interesting Facts about Human Brain

The brain is the most energy-consuming part of your body. It uses up to 20 percent of the body’s energy production.

The brain uses approximately 20% of the total oxygen pumping around your body.

While you are awake, your brain generates between as much as 25 watts of power. This is enough to power a light bulb.

The study of the brain and its functions is known as neuroscience.

Of all creatures on earth humans have the most complex brain.

Did you know how much your brain weighs?
An average human brain weighs about 3 pounds.

Your brain contains about 100 billion neurons.

Neurons develop at the rate of 250,000 neurons per minute during early pregnancy.

Contrary to a common myth, humans do not use only 10% of their brain. Each part of the brain has a different purpose.

750ml of blood pumps through your brain every minute which is 15-20% of blood flow from the heart.

Do you know how long a brain can survive without oxygen?
The answer is 4 to 6 minutes, then it will start dieing.

The human brain is about 75% water.

Our brain consists of 60% white matter and 40% grey matter.

Did you know alcohol interferes with brain processes by weakening connections between neurons.

The elephant brain weighs about 6,000 g.

Do you know the length of blood vessels in your brain?
100,000 miles!

Studies show that human feelings originate inside the brain.

Reading aloud and talking often to a young child promotes brain development.

Your brain can not feel pain as sthere are no pain receptors preasent in the brain.

Your brain knows when you tickle yourself, which is why you don’t bend over laughing. Try tickling yourself and you won't feel the tickle.

Brain messages travel between neurons in just one thousandth of a second. Now this is really really quick.

It is same part of the brain that will interpret your physical as well as emotional pain.

The cat brain weighs about 30 g.

When you sleep, you’re virtually paralyzed because your brain creates a hormone that prevents you from acting out your dreams.

About 12% people dream in black and white.

A living brain is so soft you could cut it with a butter knife.

A newborn baby’s brain triples its size in the first year of life.


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