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Brain Farts

Updated on September 18, 2012

That's what my daughter calls them. Those moments when you do or say something which calls into question your mental state. She also refers to them as "senior moments" which as a boomer, I resent. Please note that in no way are my comments intended to make light of those who are challenged with a serious mental illness but its important to see the humour in everyday life. No matter how these little events are labeled, they are real, they are often funny, and they are sometimes quite humiliating.

Now I won't discuss any humiliating moments because, of course, I've not experienced any. The funny ones however are admittedly fairly frequent and I believe due to distraction, not from losing my mind. For example, yesterday I noticed my Blackberry sitting on the desk so I picked it up, and placed it in my pocket. Later when returning to my home office, I again saw my Blackberry sitting on the desk. "What the ????", I thought. I guess I just imagined I had put it in my pocket. So once again I picked up my Blackberry and as I attempted to put it in my pocket I felt something blocking the way. I reached in and pulled out the wireless mouse from my laptop. Now you could make an argument that this was a brain fart but I like to think that my mind is so intensely involved with important matters that I was simply distracted. Could happen to anyone.

Another time, we couldn't find the remote control for the little tv in the kitchen. I can't begin to tell you how long we searched. In fact we searched so long I decided to take a break and have a snack. When I opened the refrigerator, guess was what sitting in the cheese compartment? My wife and I still disagree as to who put the remote in the refrigerator but I'm convinced that no real man, especially me, would ever exchange his remote for cheese. He might, however, occasionally, answer the remote when the phone rings but doesn't everybody?

We have a small swimming pool which gets overworked during the summer. My wife and I literally live in the pool. A couple of years ago, we bought a Uniden waterproof cordless phone to use around the water. Whenever I went out to the pool I would pocket the Uniden and usually, but not always, place it on the little brick ledge which separates the spa from the pool. On this particular day I kept it in my pocket as I jumped in. Needless to say, this was the first test of the phone under actual water conditions. A while later when I faintly heard a phone ring I knew it was working okay. As I pulled it from my swimsuit pocket to answer I realized the faint ringing I heard was not a water-muffled Uniden but the sound of the phone in the house. "Just great, I said to myself. Some waterproof phone. Its broken, what a waste of money!" As it turned out, the Uniden was actually just fine however my new Blackberry which I had in my pocket instead was not.

I have always been able to laugh at myself but as I get older it feels more and more like a comedy club. Senior moments may be reserved for those of us who have crossed that line but brain farts can happen to anyone. Got brain gas?


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  • burning bush profile imageAUTHOR

    burning bush 

    8 years ago

    Snigdhal, we all suffer from some anomolies at different ages but trust me when I tell you that when you get older the experience of brain farting is so common a daily occurance that it develops into senior-distractionitis. Distractionitis is a term I coined when you begin looking for your missing keys and then, three hours later, after doing twenty other things because you became distracted, you realize your keys are missing. Your comment is greatly appreciated and I know that whatever the culture, these silly episodes of growing older hold true for everyone and perhaps help us keep our sense of humour.

  • snigdhal profile image


    8 years ago from hyderabad - India!

  • burning bush profile imageAUTHOR

    burning bush 

    10 years ago

    Let me tell you Healing Touch, it has only just begun. Better store up a bunch of laugh-at-yourself understanding because, trust me, you will need it. Humour is the best medicine. Thanks for sharing.

  • Healing Touch profile image

    Laura Arne 

    10 years ago from Minnetonka, MN

    burning bush, This is so funny because this is my life. My two kids 12 and 14 totally tease me and my twin. I have lost my keys at work so many times this last week, I dont even know how to count. The worst thing is... when I am going to do something and I forget why I am there. I am a baby boomer too, only 47, but I have been doing this for a long time

    Thanks for the hub

  • burning bush profile imageAUTHOR

    burning bush 

    10 years ago

    Jayjay40, isn't nice to find that you are not alone and isn't it nice to have an excuse for moments like these. Thanks so much for adding to the conversation. We are all in this together... share the humour. :)

  • jayjay40 profile image


    10 years ago from Bristol England

    After reading this I realise I have a serious flatulance problem. I have spent about an hour looking for my glasses getting very cross and annoyed. My husband eventually looked at me and said 'Which glasses are you looking for,the ones you're wearing or the ones on your head?' Oh dear!

  • burning bush profile imageAUTHOR

    burning bush 

    10 years ago

    LadyWriter, my daughter loves to make fun of we "older" people and use colourful expressions like brain farts but someday in the future, she won't find it so funny. Revenge is best served anytime. Thank you for your contribution and comment.

  • LadyWriter profile image


    10 years ago from UK

    Oh Yes - 'Brian Farts' I have them all the time! Never heard the expression before though, always thought of myself as a 'dizzy mare'. I recently went to make a brew, opened a new packet of tea and instead of refilling the caddy put it all in the teapot and proceeded to pour the boiled water on top - ended up with the world's stongest cup of tea.

  • RunAbstract profile image


    11 years ago from USA

    Well... I was going to say something really smart and funny, but I just realized I'm trying to puff on my fountain pen, instead of my electronic ciggy!

    Great article!

  • Jewels profile image


    11 years ago from Australia

    Oh gosh, so you're saying it gets worse? I've placed a teapot in the fridge once, but that's different. Isn't it?

  • burning bush profile imageAUTHOR

    burning bush 

    11 years ago

    Nell, thank you for your comment. It's nice to know I'm not the only one who searches for glasses on their head. My other favorite eyeglass search is when I am actually wearing them and still don't know where they are. But don't tell anyone and I won't tell about your lost keys. It will be our secret.

  • Nell Rose profile image

    Nell Rose 

    11 years ago from England

    Hi, very very funny! that was the first time I laughed out loud today! hilarious, especially since I do it my self! I have searched the house out looking for my glasses, and found them on my head! I usually use contacts so can't get used to the stupid glasses! I recently couldn't get in and realised that I had lost my keys, searching everywhere I went downstairs, the flat underneath my maisonette, and when I knocked on the door the lady said 'are you looking for these?' I said yes I must have left them there this morning, she looked at me in astonishment. 'you left them in the outside door three days ago! I have tried to bring them back but you are never in! so how the hell did i get in then? the door must have been slightly open, but three days? lol thanks this was funny. nell


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