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Break Anxiety and Depression by Lifting the Spirit and Mind

Updated on December 2, 2019
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Lifting The Spirit Fights Anxiety
Lifting The Spirit Fights Anxiety

Lifting Your Spirit to Fight Anxiety and Depression

Anxiety and Depression is a mental problem, meaning that it mostly affects the mind. Eventually, the mind will affect the body causing your anxiety and depression to turn into physical breakdown of your body. However, it is also important to note that some people diagnosed with anxiety and depression disorders stem from chemical imbalance in the body. This is often treated with medication prescribed by some doctor. Medication which the individual will probably have to take for the rest of their lives. But for most people suffering from this disease, it is a disease of the mind which can be healed by lifting the vibration level of the spirit, and that can be done with a little faith, meditation, practice and lifestyle changes.

What Is The Spirit?

Without a spirit, or a soul as many people refer to it as. Your body would simply be a piece of carcass with just organs laying around. The spirit is the life force given to your body for consciousness. The consciousness is what lets you beware of your own self and existence. The problem with most people today is that we do not believe in our own spirit and the power of healing that it possesses. Once we can get our spirit back to a level of pureness, it will be able to heal our minds and destroy anxiety and depression.

We Dirty Our Own Spirit and Body

The spirit, mind and body acts as one human entity. What we feed all three gives us a negative or positive output on life. Since the body is of flesh and is physical. It will need to feed on things which are of course physical. The body needs various nutriments to keep it living and not withering away. It needs protein, starches, carbohydrate and water. Those are the main essentials. Once we feed the body with the right and balanced foods, foods not created in labs or foods laden with chemical poisoning. The body will grow strong and healthy until its time has expired. Once you begin to mistreat your own body by pumping toxic foods and drugs in, then the body becomes unstable and gets easily prone to much diseases, then flesh eventually begins to malfunction. Once this flesh begins to malfunction then the spirit housed within that body becomes unstable and eventually will want to leave that body for a clean host.

Cleaning Your Spirit to Overcome Anxiety and Depression

Then the spirit itself also needs to feed. The spirit has a direct connection to the mind and feeds the mind mental energy. Our eyes they say are windows to our soul, this is because the eyes take in much of our own reality than any other organ. Most people believe in what they can see and not what they feel. What we put into our mind mostly comes from the eyes and ears. Hence the great importance of sight. Large corporations understand this concept and invest billions of dollars in television and entertainment. We are programmed by the media via the television set to think and react a certain way. From dirty politics to fake news and the worshiping of entertainers who most of the time are hooked on drugs and totally depressed in their real lives. Companies advertise things to make us believe that we are too old, too fat, skin color not right enough etc. Many of us soak in these garbage and becomes stressed over the material

Once you begin to input negative thoughts in your mind, the spirit vibration level decreases and your anxiety and depression level increases.

Life Style Changes To Clean the Spirit

Your first step in cleaning the spirit is to foster a good lifestyle. You may have to adjust your current way of living to allow this to happen. You must first start by allowing positive input through your eyes and ears. Watch less television and read more books. Not books based upon wars, religions, etc. Books that allow your mind and imagination to feed and enjoy a world filled with beautiful concepts. Read Romance, adventure, poetry, books about healing, books about animals etc. Get off social media, go plant a few trees or plants. Join an organization to help with a cause such as saving an animal or feeding the homeless. Lifting your spirit vibration is action based and simply not prayer based.


Mediation is a wonderful thing. It helps you to block out the world for a while and simple enjoy the quietness of the earth. This quietness is really a focus energy to the body which is like a house cleaning of the soul. Find a quiet place, a place of nature, your home, etc. Practice mediation for at least 30 minutes daily. This will help you to achieve some level of calmness and will decrease your anxiety.

Quit Bad Habits

Remember I told you that in order for you to clean the spirit you may need to make lifestyle changes. Whatever dirty habits that you practice you will need to seize gradually for the spirit to vibrate on a higher level. Dirty habits such as excessive alcohol consumption, smoking, or doing drugs, selling of the flesh etc. These activities directly impact your mind in a negative way and will keep you in a false sense of pleasure but a sure state of depression.


When you have made significant lifestyle changes and continue on a path which leads to a clean body and spirit. You will find that you begin to feel much better within yourself. Your state of anxiety and depression will subside significantly as you become stringer mentally and physically to battle life as you exist n Earth.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2019 Clive Williams


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