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Breaking Denial Of An Addiction

Updated on September 7, 2010

Have you ever wanted to stop or give up something, but you didn't think it was really necessary according to your opinion? Has your family and friends told you that you have an addiction, but you didn't think so?

Anyone that has a drug or alcohol addiction thinks there is no harm done to themselves or anyone else for that matter. We just can't seem to see exactly whats happening around us.

The big word and the most powerful word to an addicted person is Denial. We can't seem to understand why everyone is harping on us for our actions and addictions. We the addicted just can't admit we are wrong and we are addicted to drugs or alcohol.

Breaking denial of an addiction is one of the hardest parts to the road to sobriety. We have to admit to our addiction and get out the denial that is holding us back from moving forward to the road to recovery.

I have found it very important that one must break that denial in order to succeed to sobriety.

All of my addicted life with alcoholism, denial wasn't in my vocabulary because I didn't think for one minute I had any type of problem at all. I was in denial big time and no matter what anyone said to me I laughed in their face and said "I have no problem, I can quit anytime I want".

All talk and no action on my part. When you think of so many people that may say those words you wonder why they just don't surrender to their addiction and not fight it anymore as I did.



Staying in denial day after day, you are only hurting yourself and others too. If we were to sit down and think of our life as an alcoholic, we then might finally admit to our problem, but if we just walk around thinking there is nothing wrong, we will be in denial forever and will never be able to break the chains from our demons.

We need to learn how to stop drinking alcohol and over doing it to the extent of drinking alcohol everyday which was my biggest problem.(everyday)

I'm saying this through my experiences with alcohol and I found that once I looked deep into my addiction and thought about what other people said ,I finally realize I was in denial and needed to surrender and come clean and sober once and for all.

Once I did that I had a sense of freedom. The freedom from my demons that had control of my life and ruining others as well.

Just set your mind to it and think just how proud and happy you will feel about YOURSELF when you can finally beat the demons within and live a clean and sober life once again.

Stay Positive, stay focused on your goal to be clean and when you truly want it to happen it will.  You are the only person that can make it happen!


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