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Breaking the "norm" taboo's of today's society. Staying healthy.

Updated on August 17, 2014

Working out is hard work

Just the start of my six pack abs. Yeah I'm goof ball.
Just the start of my six pack abs. Yeah I'm goof ball. | Source
Being silly, but almost 44.  I am not getting 6 pack abs from a stomach operation, or botox, or steroids or liposuction I am actually working out
Being silly, but almost 44. I am not getting 6 pack abs from a stomach operation, or botox, or steroids or liposuction I am actually working out

Working out shouldn't be seen as a "crime".

In my own personal life from what I view and see in the United States, when people want to workout it is like a crime against a person who wants to take care of themselves.

People in today's society try to condemn people who "workout".

It has nothing to do with one being self centered, it is about becoming "centered".

As an in an article I had written before, working out is the "fountain of youth".

Of course I am very lucky and blessed to have people who in my life, live their

way of life in which working out and actually doing something active be part of their lives.

These people are from all walks of lives and from many different backgrounds.

Some of them do some moderate workout to some people doing really extreme workouts.

There are mom's, and even single mothers who have made it a way of life and they also work.

But when I hear people that talk with me telling me they want to get into working out and going to the gym, they feel like people around them just don't want them to really workout.

This is very hard. You think people around someone who wants to help themselves feel better would be telling them to go. But in America, what happens is, we get so comfortable at having things handed to us.

Look as fast food restaurants, they have drive thrus and dollar menu's but tons of sodium and tons and tons of "bad" calories and "bad" saturated fats.

Now, you have to realize, there are good "fats" and bad "fats" and mostly fast food restaurants have terrible "fats" and look up a video of someone putting a burger from McDonald's in a beaker of an acid that is composed like acid in our stomach. They it there for a little while and when you come back the whole contain is mostly black and that is what is in our stomach when we consume a burger at McDonald's or probably even at any fast food restaurant.

I am no scientist and even though I haven't eating at McDonald's for a very long time, I think I have no intention of trying not to eat there ever again.

Granted McDonald's really didn't start out that way. A long time ago that restaurant did have real hamburgers and it was suppose to be considered a treat, but where did it go wrong?

They say it served billions, but I think to cater to American Society of today, where we want everything for less, we want it now, we don't want to wait, we want it fast, maybe that's why they wanted to "Super-size" everything.

I am going to tell you something. What it is an a "compulsive" buy when they are programmed at McDonald's to say "Do you want fries with that?"

They do this "compulsive" buy at groceries stores at check out lines, and what do you see at check out lines? That's right, it is all junk and soda.

What is ironic at check out lines is the "beauty" magazines along the check out lines with all junk foods.

So there is even more programming with the magazines so when people and especially women look at the magazines while waiting in line or buy the magazine, they see the images that are not really of the average "american".

Maybe seeing that time of magazines, it might "discourage" women "not" to workout, because they might feel like they are too "old" to look good at their age.

Ladies, this is where you are wrong. If you are over the age of 40 like myself, you can look good.

I am not saying you have to walk around looking like a super model, but you can add "moderate" exercise to your life.

You want to do that? Never let anyone make you feel guilty for working out and wanting to feel better about yourself.

Remember you aren't being self-centered, you becoming more "centered".

There is just way too much programming in America and they want us to sit down at tv after dinner and do nothing, because there is so much convenience in America.

No one wants to work for a body they see, where people workout achieve results.

Yes, I will agree with you all one hundred percent. I know what your thinking, there are people who can afford botox, liposuction, stomach operations, steroids and the whole deal to have a better body.

Once again I am writing of my own personal experience and I am going to be turning 44.

I am working out at a fitness center and for awhile I was 175 and now down to 157, but I am also 5 feet and 8 inches tall.

I want to become in my own way a fitness model.

I am not getting a stomach operation, I am not getting liposuction, I am not using botox, and I am not using steroids.

Is it painful you may ask? Yes. Working out I say the whole time "ow" and I want to swear like at truck driver.

Now ladies and gentleman, listen, if you want to workout and can do it, never let anyone around you ever make you feel guilty for wanting to help yourself.

The other big factor, if you want to lose weight it will take a long time, but where are you going?

You really have only one place to really live. You "live" in your body.

if you want to take care of yourself, don't feel "ashamed" or feel like a "criminal", there is nothing wrong with that.

Any woman over the age of 40, let me say, you are not done.

As we get older, stop thinking you already have one foot in the grave, because you are indeed alive and here on this earth.

There is so much programming going on these days, that if we want to do something to feel good or good for ourselves, we are made to feel "ashamed".

Well stop feeling "ashamed" because you want to feel good.

I been around gyms and fitness centers my whole life.

I know some people out there, are seriously going to feel intimidated to going to gym's.

Don't you dare feel intimated, because when step foot in that gym you are showing you are indeed something for yourself and your showing you want to do something for yourself.

Actually I got to admit people and ladies say how much they are bothered at a gym.

Or ladies say they get hit on so many times by men at a gym.

Really? The centers I been around I even like when I'm feeling strong, go to where the guys lift and the men never bother me.

I never see guys hitting on tons of women.

If your there and working out and doing your thing and working hard, no one cares.

Yes, it is very hard an it is very sensitive to know that people who are overweight, it is hard and you might feel "shame" going to the gym. Don't you dare feel ashamed going to a gym.

Not everyone started off with that body that is in shape that you see in front of you.

It takes hard work. So remember you first step is to "go".

As I am sitting here writing I am getting ready to go to the center myself.

I don't mind people younger than myself, or anyone at the fitness center cause no one bothers me, because I have the mind frame of working out when I get there and that's what I do.

Do your thing and you take care of you.

Oh if you want to workout, here is something to think about, maybe it might be in a good way to workout even in moderation because if someday you want to chase grandchildren around maybe that might help to keep us with the little ones and the big plus, more than likely by workout you will be here longer and extend your life to enjoy your grandchildren so right there that is the biggest plus I could think of for anyone

So never feel like because you want to workout it is something that is a crime.

Your first step is well, your first step.

Keep a positive mind frame.

Remember nothing happens over night.

Like myself, you won't have the money for a stomach operation, botox, liposuction, steroids, but just hard working out, is what I have to do.

Of course you don't have to do what I want to do.

I want to get 6 pack abs and I'm determined to get them.

Keep a peace of mind, because exercising will help out in the long run.

The reason I know, the more I workout the better I feel and that is how I know working out and exercise is good for me.

Once again, I am no doctor.

All I know is what works for me.

Find out what works for you.

experiment with McDonald's burger..eww


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