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Breaking through Stereotypes at gym's and fitness centers

Updated on August 18, 2014

It doesn't matter how fast you go, it is how you do it.

These places are positive you just have to see for yourself.

I wish I did have camera equipment, because I been talking with people at the fitness center, and would to interview them.

There was something very" Positive" yesterday at Obie's Fitness Center.

Speaking with people that workout there, and I wish I got the man's name, (I am horrible with names) and he has done competition's in the past for body building, his wife was helping another women "pose" for a body building competition.

What I do see is "positive" relationships that reflect upon each other.

I see in my own personal experiences noticing in my life, that when people are that "positive" in motion, meaning both partners do workout and it reflects upon each other in a very positive way.

I think with all the stereotype's in the gyms and fitness centers are maybe 1 percent, while speaking with people that actually do workout in the centers they are so opposite of "gym" stereotypes.

It is very beautiful to go to fitness centers and talk with people about their lives. Just because they people workout, doesn't mean they are "selfish" and "self-centered", but are actually "centered". They want to live "longer" and have healthier lives.

I like that. I tend to want to gravitate toward people who are more into physical fitness whether it is the stunt/martial world or at fitness centers because when you feel you are at your "best" your life is much more complete.

I have never had to worry about going with a girlfriend to a gym or have to go to pick up guys at a gym, because I am there to workout.

Of course it is nice to have a conversation with people but I try not to bother people to much, because there are people working really hard to improve themselves.

But it is nice to sit a few minutes here and there and yes once again, I wish I did have camera equipment, to interview people who were bodybuilders and such in the center, because that would help break through stereotypes.

I think people are so frightened to go to fitness centers, if they are trying to lose weight.
I know at first it may seem scary, but once your their and working out, you will get into a pattern for yourself and your going to feel really, really good about yourself.

It will take time and you are worth it because you deserve to feel "good". Everyone does.

Maybe fitness centers and gyms might not be the place to start off with, but I got to admit, it is much nicer to workout in a fitness center or gym when it is the winter time.

Yes, of course the machines do look like they could be some sort of torture device because when you look at them you might try to figure out, where do I sit? how do I move certain parts of the machines? Well if your shy, and are afraid to ask for help, there should be little diagrams on the machines, what show you how much each weight weighs.

Do not be afraid to ask the staff. That is what they are there for.

Never feel "intimidated" about going to a center.

I got to admit, I have been around fitness centers since I was 19, whether I was either working out or working at these places and have felt comfortable.

Yes twice in my life I had gained weight and working out I have lost the weight.

But I find in life, I have to find what "works" for me.

Not everyone wants to workout and wants to be the way they are, and that's fine.

I personally spend more time on myself than to worry if someone does or doesn't want to workout, it is their decision and that they shouldn't be looked down upon.

But I'm just writing for those that are afraid to go to fitness centers. There is always that first step and once you take the first step in a gym or fitness center the rest is going to be ok.

If you want to workout and take care of yourself, do not let other people talk you out of it.

Sometimes in life I have seen people who want to help improve themselves "physically" but it seems like people they are around try to "guilt" people into "stopping". So it's like this cycle for the people that want to get into better shape for themselves where people that don't want to workout around the people who want to help themselves, to try to stop them. Whether it is because those people that don't want to workout for whatever reason don't want to see other people be happy for themselves with improving themselves physically is really wrong.

If your friends with someone who wants to improve their life and want to workout, tell them to keep going for it and support them, don't put them down because this is something they want to do for themselves, don't stop them or get in their way.

I think in my own life, the more I workout, the happier I get. I know that internally, it helps with blood flow and that helps with many things in your body so I tend to think that the increased blood flow your brain increases many things.

With exercise I think with "movement" it helps with "better moods".

Now I always state in my articles "I am no doctor" I am just writing about what goes on in my life and I know what works for me. I have observed things myself and I just am hoping to help supports those that need a little bit of "supporting".

Like I said, even since I was 19 I been around fitness centers and like physical fitness.

People should stop making people who even do "moderate" exercise feel like a criminal because they want to do something for themselves.

I know for one, the more I workout the happier I become.


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