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Breathe Deeply: MODE of Cosmic Therapy Esoteric Sensual Breathing Experiment

Updated on September 27, 2010

MODE of Cosmic Therapy Esoteric Psychology

Descending Dove of Fire Breath
Descending Dove of Fire Breath

MODE Of Cosmic Therapy Email O Gram Invitation: Falling In Love With The Divine Breath

A life sustaining regenerating force runs throughout our body without interruption or cessation. We know it as breathing. It is devoutly sexual in procedure.

 It’s a matter of one’s sacred sensual erotic flavor of breath, completely unique in the individual, in which it operates, that is the subject of this particular discussion. No two people breathe in the exact same way, force, volume, rhythm, or duration.

Some would say it’s connected to the nervous system. But, the esoteric facts support a much loftier origin. The breath control derives its constitution, relegates its pattern, and resides impregnably in a celestial region of unexplainable domain.

But, as with anything existent upon the Earth plane, we envision and ascertain the source as coming from within us.

Although the root (heart, lungs, brain) appear to be within our own bodies, we have no way of effecting the ‘starting or ending’ of the breath when not in line with the master plan. How many times have you heard of the miraculous stories when someone who was not suppose to make it, did?

And, on other occasions, someone dies for no apparent scientific medical explanation or logical reason. How can these impenetrable mysteries be penetrated? They can’t. “…the hairs on thy head are numbered as with the allotted breaths given to man…” (Paraphrased)

But, nevertheless it is paramount not to let the life sustaining forces in our bodies evaporate by carelessly, wantonly and involuntarily debilitating our ‘allocated’ surge of life through unconscious living. What exactly does that phrase mean? It means, in as much as it possible, we are to move with the ‘natural and convenient’ erotic flow of our lives.

We are to do only that which resonates with us, always! We are never to take on the burdens, obligations, responsibilities and/or ‘series of breathing episodes’ of another. (Impossible to do anyway; but, oh how we try.) All that is ever accomplished in that self-aggrandized act is complicated distraction.

When we speak to another we are using breath. When we think, we are using breath. When we eat, work, make love, engage in artistic pursuits, dream or eliminate from our bowels, we are using breath. Every conceivable act, thought or word spoken involves the respiration (inhalation/exhalation) of breath.

When one considers the momentous sensations involved and becomes conscious of the divine breathing apparatus operating involuntarily, he/she brings an innovative awareness and raw appreciation for the sacred breath. Precious direct energy, powerful intuitive strength runs through us constantly.

We can learn how to ‘tune into’ that force and work with it or continue to repel, resist, and completely disregard the gift of life.

We, using the allotted divine breath, are able to employ the sacred deity ability to transform ourselves, should we be so earnestly inclined. “…be ye therefore transformed by the renewing of your minds…” (Paraphrased) The renewing of our minds involves the use of our sacredly generated breath.

When we are transformed, we are able to assist others therefore, transforming our world. Life is a magical process; an experience of unimaginable joy, pleasure, delight and exaltation. The breath we utilize creates the world we live in.

A subtle sexual secret so sublime is held within the divine breath. It’s a matter of exercising the deliriously seductive rhythm to dance to our well-versed songs. To escape the rigid parameters of depression, anxiety, sexual frustration, worry, lack of energy, apathetic existence, financial struggle, ill health, mental confusion, costly indecision, fear, and uncontrolled rage, we must breathe the breath of the divine in gracious celebration, always!

How much easier and happier it is to recognize the holiness in each breath we take instead of bearing the self-appointed delusions.

Divinity desires for us pleasures unbounded and full of brilliance! As has been discussed in other writings, experience is the key element of desire for the consecrated spirit. What is it you long to do? Don’t hold back. Do it! Breathe it into existence! Tend to your most cherished desire prodigiously.

It is vital to remain silent (controlled breath) in the preparatory stages of acquisition. Seek not to discuss the contents of your sacred inner chamber with any one. They, who have not come into the knowledge of divine breath control, are profane and ignorant (without the working and experimental knowledge of truth that accompanies blessed release) and can not understand or relate to its potent principles.

“…therefore do not cast thy pearl before swine….” (Paraphrased). Keep silent. Remember: you must continuously crucify the monkey mind with all its incessant meanderings and problem causing ways. Subdue it as you would a poisonous snake.

Bring it under submission as a trained tiger will yield to its Master’s whip and authoritative commands. It will try to convince you that these little exercises are pointless and crazy. Do not carelessly speak of sacred things to others without being immediately willing to act on them. Keep your breath union magical practices secret and without the mocking eye of others to comment upon.

Here goes an introduction.

The time most conducive to getting in tune with the sacred sequenced tempo of your divine breath is when you are in the shower or bath. Also, just prior to falling asleep, make a concerted effort to remove anxious thoughts, by emphasizing the breathing pattern. It will become natural and convenient with practiced awareness.

Early in the morning, before arising also emits a special savor unlike any other time. When you feel yourself growing agitated, restless, bored or most especially disgruntled, increase your breathing pattern to the point of being able to hear it exaggerated.

Pay astute attention to the sound of your breath. Be exceedingly alert when listening to its profoundly sacred rhythm. Note when you have left the sound of it. You will soon discover that is the exact time when you go unconscious in your words, activities and emotions. Learn to revere the sound of your breath.

Make a conscious effort to stop and listen intently to the ‘still small voice’ behind your breath. IF you listen intently, you will hear the sound of your birth name being uttered in a soothing melodic chorus. Your breath is instinctively clear in its motives and intent.

You will fall in love with the passion of certainty associated. “…my grace is sufficient for thee…” (Paraphrased)


If you will but breathe holding within your mind the single most erotic experience you have ever encountered, (or would like to experience) you will begin the magical process of artistic hallowed pleasure filled divine release.

What are you afraid of? Nothing  immoral involved with the imbued creative sprit filling your body. Sacred art. Santified music. Sublime drama. Ineffable words of celestial impregnated bliss.  

Fill your body with flooding Rapture's Repose. Do it!

A Breath Of Fresh Air
A Breath Of Fresh Air


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