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Bringing The World To me

Updated on March 8, 2011

cannot figure this out

I want to post an new entry but cannot work out how to post a seperate entry, this seems to be on first post .  Can anyone tell me how I can set up these pages properly


Monday 7th March 2011

Hello world.

I read such wonderful blogs out there and wonder could I possibly do one myself.

I hope to share my highs and lows here.

I am an at home person, not through choice but through health.  So my choice of hobbies are rather limited to what I can do when I am able, and my hobbies of choice are knitting and crochet - I am a yarn lover..  When I cannot actually work with yarn, I love to just sit and look at it or stroke it - sounds weird but ask anyone who loves knitting and crocheting and they will look sheepish and admit handling yarn is part of the joy of these crafts.  The colours can be so uplifting and the feel of some yarns joyous.  There is nothing nicer than having some yarn you love and sitting wondering what it will become.

Sometimes you buy yarn for a certain project, but other times you buy yarn because you fall in love with it, and then you wait till it tells you what it wants to become.  You will find many ideas pop into your head but eventually one particular thing will declare itself to you and you know that is what you will make.  It might be something big, it might be something small, but whatever it is, its what the yarn wants to be :))

At the moment I am crocheting some mp3 cases.  I am making them sturdy but not to thick.  To achieve this you need to use a smaller hook than normal for the yarn, which does make it harder to work the yarn but gives a nice closely woven material so will protect the player.  I will post photos when I have finished the first one - am making 3 for a friend.

Monday 7th March 2011

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    • profile image

      prepareathome 6 years ago

      Thanks for your comments, I am like you alone a lot as hubby works so dogs keep me company physically and web intellectually. Not quite sure I like this blog, seems to many posts and stuff not mine on here, will have to work out how to tidy it up. I hope you get your wish of a puppy and children, hugs to you

    • Caramus profile image

      Caramus 6 years ago from Chicago, IL

      I too suffer from a disability that prevents me from working and keeps me indoors, especially in the winter months. I have a wife to keep me company when she is not working, but I have to find things to keep myself occupied during the 11 - 12 hours she is gone each day. I write, read, watch TV, and do light household chores with long breaks in between. I have several other hobbies to pass the time. You have to just to keeo your sanity. Keep on crocheting!