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Bromelain... is a beautiful 'Thing'

Updated on December 27, 2012

Pineapple is a natural source of bromelain

Years ago I had heard that Pineapple can remedy "HeartBurn". But apparently I did not use it properly. I didn't take enough of it. And, speaking of pineapples, there's a certain yellow fellow who lives in one. Or so I have heard.

The Link Below is on a public website free to download and enjoy...

The following lyrics are from the "SpongeBob Squarepants" animated show.

Are you ready, kids?
Aye, Aye Captain!
I can’t hEEEEeeeear you!
Aye, Aye Captain!
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SpongeBob SquarePants!
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Bromelain actually helped my Chronic Heartburn

'Comission E' of Germany

The Commission E is a highly regarded committee of researchers, physicians, toxicologists and pharmacists that was created in 1978 by the German government to determine any safety and effectiveness issues of herbs sold in Germany. The Commission E has published monographs on the use and possible side effects and drug interactions of over 300 herbs. They clinically recommend Bromelain for certain anti-inflammatory needs.

Bromelain can refer to one of two protease enzymes extracted from the plant family Bromeliaceae, or it can refer to a combination of those enzymes along with other compounds produced in an extract

I'm a "meat eater" and I do also happen to love High Fat-content "things" as well. And since beginning usage of Bromelain I've barely had a problem with heartburn.

A protease (or proteinase) breaks down proteins. A protease is any enzyme that conducts proteolysis, that is, begins protein catabolism by hydrolysis of the peptide bonds that link amino acids together in the polypeptide chain forming the protein. Proteases work best in acidic conditions.

I had HEARD that Bromelain can reduce or eliminate heartburn. years ago I had gone to the Vitamin store, picked up some bromelain and took a pill after dinner. And because nothing much happened that was able to feel right away, I didn't try it beyond the first day. I'd had pretty 'bad' chronic heartburn and so was accustomed to the nearly immediate relief from something like Famotidine, the name of the active ingredient in Pepcid. So I continued with over the counter and prescribed pharmaceuticals. But about a month ago, I started (just b/c I craved it) eating pre-cut "chunk pine-apples".

I ate several helpings of pineapple over a 2 or 3 day period. Both in the morning and in the evening. After a couple of days... I noticed my heartburn was tremendously lessened. Then the memories of what I had read about 10 years ago kicked in... and I realized...

Well, I'd STUMBLED upon that which I had been told (or had READ, actually) and now that I had "(re) discovered" the famous remedy. I promptly went to "The Vitamin Shoppe" and purchased a bottle of bromelain. I've been taking it in the morning on an empty stomach AND with food (as a digestive aid). It is said by the naturopathic community that more of it directly absorbs INTO the body if taken WITHOUT food in the stomach, to aid in the general reduction of pain and inflammation. I remember reading that it was supposed to vie with over the counter anti-inflammatories in efficacy of pain reduction. Over the counter anti-inflammatories DO reduce pain. For instance acetaminophen does this by suppressing the "bad" prostaglandins associated with pain... but it ALSO reduces GOOD prostaglandins, that contribute to healing or feeling better.

I used to suffer from shin-splints and shoulder pain...

I am running lately... usually 2 to 3 miles at a time. I used to get shin-splint pain. But No More... When I was in the Army I experienced significant shin pain and I was much younger. I also DO suffer from bursitis and general shoulder joint pain from past athletic activities.

Since taking the Bromelain regularly I do not NEED to take any tylenol before going to bed now. I used to take Tylenol so I could sleep comfortably... The pineapple/bromelain SEEMS to be "enough" to do the trick. Very nice. Because acetaminophen is very Liver-Toxic.

Surprise! It actually WORKS!

So, right now what I do is...take 500 mg of bromelain in the morning (on an empty stomach).

Then right AFTER breakfast (or in the Middle of) I will take a second capsule....

Later in the day I'll take one with an evening dinner, and then after 2 or 3 hours passed I'll take it on an empty stomach. And I'm able to raise my arms (comfortably) in bed and tuck them under a pillow or whatnot...

In all honesty I did normally suffer pretty bad shoulder joint pain. I merely "lived" with it... now, the Bromelain DOES seem (indeed) to be what is "said", that it's function is. It speeds healing also. My shoulders are still mildly "painful" but, I DID damage them pretty badly. And they just seem "better".

If YOU suffer chronic heartburn. Try it. Go buy a few containers of chunk pineapple. Eat 1/2 the can "now" and the other half in about 8 or 10 hours. Do this for a 2 or 3 day period. Or, you can pick up a small bottle of Bromelain from your local vitamin store. Just SEE if there is any difference give it a few days. It's FAR cheaper to use bromelain than buying Pepcid by the bucketful... and I honestly seem to be able to (now) "skip" a day or two here and there. Probably due to the 'healing properties' of the pineapple. I now pretty much JUST consume bromelain in capsule form. I take about 3 or 6 capsules a day... (500 mg each each capsule).

In other studies it had been noted that athletes with major bruising or significant muscle soreness seemed to recover/heal faster on bromelain ...

Try it, you may LIKE it....



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  • stvrich profile image

    StvRich 6 years ago from East Rockaway - Long Island - Planet: Earth ~

    Yes, I'm positive my body needed it. I'm thinking of writing another article on my experience with glucosamine and chondroitin.

  • Alice in Wonder profile image

    Alice in Wonder 6 years ago from South Texas

    Great article, wonderful that you found relief in bromelain. It is probably the one thing your body was lacking. God Bless You.

    I use an electric knife to cut fresh like a charm. To Happy Days!!!