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How To Build a bigger chest

Updated on July 31, 2012


We all as men want a bigger chest or at least a more defined chest,that combined with a smaller waist can make you look huge.

In the next couple of chapters i will tell you about some of the most effective exercises for building a thicker bigger chest and how to define that bad boy.Some of these exercises you can do from home some you will need to be in a gym for but generally you can mix and match to find a routine that suits you and your environment. 


The bench press

Bench press

Probably the most popular and well known chest building exercise,i prefer to do mine with dumbbells as it stops me favouring the side that's stronger,but it is up to personal preference.Lie flat on a bench and with arms by your side press the barbell or dumbbells upwards hold then down level with your chest again.I like to go quite heavy on these.I'm only 65kg myself but am benching 3sets of 10 at 50kg. 

Incline bench press

Incline bench press

The incline bench press is the same as above but inclined on a bench at about 45 degrees.You wont be able to lift the same as the normal bench press.This exercise works the top of your chest muscles to give you a well proportioned chest 

Cable flies

Cable flies

These will probably need you to be in a gym as most people don't have these at home.Start with a low stance and grab the cable handles in each hand start with a weight your comfortable with and then bring them together and past each other slightly and then hold for a second or two then back slowly so as to get the full benefit.Once comfortable with the move you can then increase the weight.I found i increased the weight quite regularly on these. 

Chest dips

Chest dips

The chest dips are the same as the dips for the triceps except that you lean forward to hit the lower chest muscles stick with 3sets of 10 and body-weight should do it but if you can manage it add weight between your legs. 

Wide grip push ups

Wide grip push ups are exactly as they sound just your normal push ups but with your palms as wide as is comfortable.3sets of 15 

Diet and protein

These are just some of the exercises to help build a bigger chest but of course you cannot forget about diet and of course the essential muscle builder protein.You will need about 2grams of protein per pound of bodyweight which if like me you find it hard to ingest that many calories and protein,a shake may help or protein bars,quite cheap on ebay etc 





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    • nanospeck profile image

      Akhil Anil 7 years ago

      cool and useful, especially the bench press

    • profile image

      mmmmmmeeeee 7 years ago

      rhats cool i'll start