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Build an efficient body not just an impressive one

Updated on July 3, 2017

I'm stronger than I look

Every so often I’ll post videos of me working out on social media; it has gotten a lot of attention from my co-worker, friends and family. They would come up to me and tell me they can lift more than more me or tell me that I’m getting any results. At first, I tried to explain to them that I’m working on those small muscles; You know, the ones nobody talks about. I further explain how they help build the bigger muscles and your overall physique. The more I tried to explain the more I realized I was wasting my time and to them I look like I was making excuses.

The tale of the muscle-bound humpback

I have a friend that I’ve known since high school; he’s very arrogant and thinks he knows everything. One day he stops by my job and we caught up. He mentions that he has seen my videos on Facebook and that I’m not on his level and begins to flex his arms. Impressive as arms was I couldn’t help but notice that hump in his back. To be honest it wasn’t as bad in high school. Although he’s packed on muscle it seems he never paid any attention to his posture. As friend who studies personal fitness I knew it was my job to help, but I knew it would fall on deaf ears as he continues to brag about how much he could lift. Could I have told him as he gets that his range of motion will become limited? Or, how about any discomfort in his neck or lower back is due to poor posture? This is what happens we people ignores their postural defects.


When decide to start a 90-day workout program, or get a gym membership we create this imagine in our heads of what we’ll look like. We imagine how toned, ripped, or shredded we’re going to look and how people will stop and stare. So, after months of weight lifted and running like many miles, we should be able to reach our goals in no time. Everyone is going to stop and stare; the guys can’t keep their eyes off you’re curves and the ladies can’t stop touching your big strong biceps.


If you don’t take the time to take care of your posture along with your mobility and flexibility, your expectation and reality won’t add up like you imagine. People will stop and stare, but not at your muscles, but at that hump in your back. If anything, you make it more noticeable when as build muscles and not mobility. As much as I love some of these 90-day workout programs, they don’t really touch on mobility and flexibility. This also leads to neck problems and lower back problems. So even though you look fit, you’re not healthy at all.

Take your time

We all want the body of our dreams, but it’s important to take our time and identify any defects we have to improve our overall health. For example, if you can’t do a full squat, this means you have problems with mobility in your hips and possibly ankles. Don’t ignore any red flags; they need to be address immediately. If you continue without addressing your mobility, flexibility, or posture later on down the line you’re going to find it hard to perform the simplest of task. This is because your body has to make up for any weak areas, using more effort than needed. Put it this way; if everyone at your job did their job wouldn’t it make your shift a whole lot easier?


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