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How To Build bigger legs

Updated on July 15, 2012

Build bigger legs

I have always struggled mentally with the fact that my legs were quite small,so after joining the gym several months ago and discovering all the different exercises available to bulk your legs up i thought i would share these with some of the other people with beanpole legs who wish to add a bit of bulk to them.There are quite a few exercises i have included and they are in no particular order,some you can do at home others you will need a gym for,Dont do them all just have a go and pick 4-5 different ones then create your own routine,Remember to change your routine up after a month to stimulate your muscles into growth and to keep them guessing.Also remember to feed your muscles by suppling them with the best protein you can get your hands on to enable your legs to grow.

The Squat

The Squat is the best exercise to build those skinny legs as it hits the biggest muscles in your legs.The key to this exercise is to take it slow get a barbell up onto your shoulders behind your head and then with a weight that you can do 10 reps of feet shoulder width apart start to lower yourself slowly untill your legs are at 90 degrees with the floor,pause then slowly up and then repeat.Do 3 sets of 10.After a few weeks you will be suprised the weight with which you can squat,i only weigh about 65Kgs but am now squatting 75Kgs.


Leg Curls (Hamstrings)

To build the back of your legs you are gonna need to incorporate some of these into your routines.Lying on a leg curl machine simply raise your legs,hold briefly then lower,Try 3 sets of 10 or 4 sets of 8.

Leg curls

Leg Extensions

Leg extensions are another exercise you will need a machine at home or access to a gym for.Sit on the machine and place your legs under the bars and get into a comfortable position with your back straight,this exercise works the quads,the groups of muscles just above the knee.Do 3 sets of 10 of a weight that you struggle to do 10 of.

Leg Extensions

Barbell lunges

Barbell lunges i wasnt keen on as they tended to make my legs burn like crazy but they had results,they do wonders for the quads and glutes.The same as a squat with a barbell on your back and behind your head,have one leg in front of the other and lunge forward with the leading leg untill it is parellell with the floor,then up and repeat with the other leg,3sets of 10 with each leg.

Barbell lunges

Machine squat

The machine squat is basically the same as the standing squat except you will be lying down on a machine which invariably means you can load much more weight onto your legs

Machine squat

Calve raises

Calve raises i like a lot,The thing with calves is they are exceptionally strong as they have to carry around your bodyweight all day,so you will find if you weigh 70kgs for example you will probably be able to calf raise at least 20kgs more than that.The best way to do them is to do them on a smith machine so no danger of falling over.With a weight on your back just start to come up on your toes pause then slowly down and repeat,3sets of 15 should do it,Hit them hard guys.

Calve raises


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    • profile image

      Gizelle M 8 years ago

      Very helpful indeed!!!! Thank so much!!

    • bcampbell23 profile image

      bcampbell23 8 years ago from Chandler AZ

      great article- very helpful content with all of the videos!