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Build your confidence .. Stop being shy

Updated on June 12, 2013

Having a shy life can actually kill you .. I mean you'd be alive walking around and breathing but you're actually dead from inside. Not enjoying the luxury of life cause you simply can't face its risks.

You can't climb to the top unless you can survive the lows of life

To do that you need to step up a little bit. get rid of the -Playing it safe- attitude. Nothing interesting comes out from that ... Trust me in this.

I myself has been living almost all my life following people around, playing it safe, living under people's shadow. It wasn't bad to be honest as I did manage to stay out of trouble, but it wasn't good as well as I missed on a lot of good stuff I could have done by leaving my (Comfort zone)

You do not date the prom queen by staying in the comfy zone

The following steps source is from reading here and there regarding this issue plus personal experience that helped me a lot in boosting myself confidence and even though I have still a lot of things to work on but I believe I'm on the right track. I hope this can help you get in that track too.

  • Physical Appearance:

    Improving your physical appearance plays a huge role in boosting yourself confidence. Dress well, style your hair and the most important is WORK OUT!!

    Trust me when I say getting those 6 pack abs does help you a lot. Or a slim curvy body for the ladies

    Usually people tend to see you the way you see yourself. So basically the key to boast yourself confidence is by feeling people's approval and that doesn't happen and WILL NEVER HAPPEN unless you yourself approve yourself and reach a certain level of self satisfaction .... physically wise.

    No citizen has a right to be an amateur in the matter of physical training! What a disgrace it is for a man to grow old without ever seeing the beauty and strength of which his body is capable.


  • Leave your comfort zone:

This is a tough one. Not a lot of people understand that doing such thing can be terrifying. However I do guarantee you it will feel AWESOME once you pull it off.
Go crazy in your life. Do not over think every single decision you make and take the risk.
I mean what did sticking in the comfort zone ever do to you? You never got in trouble? True ,but you never became truly happy either. Is it worth it?

Try starting with baby steps. Do something that usually scares you once every other day or even every weekend *tiny baby steps* even if it's as tiny as killing a cockroach that you usually run away from. YES IT HELPS.
Or maybe play with a friend's dog if you're not a fan of dogs usually. Little steps will turn into huge ones with time. Do not push yourself to the limit otherwise it will backfire on you.

  • Travel:

I used to be terrified by just the thought of travelling on my own. The loneliness. The feeling of having no one around. Feeling like EVERYONE is staring at me knowing for sure I'm foreign in that place. Even scared of getting hurt by anyone. But let me tell you this. If you're scared of what can happen to you when on the road all alone? Just think how many people had tragic accidents while they are in home. maybe even in their own room.

Bottom of line is, shit happens at anytime at anyplace and you can't avoid it sometimes. So might as well do whatever you want without fearing what can actually happen anywhere and no matter how hard you try to avoid it.

TRAVEL .. just do it and don't think twice about it. First time is the hardest but then it gets easy. Even fun and you might end up doing it more often whenever you want a peace of mind away from your life. It will surely craft your personality into a new confident one.

  • Talk to strangers:

You know how we were always told not to talk to strangers? Well I guess now we're old enough to do so, no?

Talk and blend in with total strangers. Small conversations here and there. Talk about the weather or even politics in public transport. Whatever, just do it. It helps you over come the fear of people and how they think of you cause you know? they are after all strangers who'll never meet you again. Nothing to worry about. Just be yourself and gradually you'll learn how to be yourself between people you know and stop worrying all the time which gives you more confidence.

  • Keep on going, never give up:

Don't be a quitter. Quitting is for losers .... period.

  • Positive thoughts:

Like mentioned before, people tend to see you as you see yourself. If you look at yourself as such a loser then you can't blame people for seeing you that way now can you?

Keep the positive thoughts on, motivate yourself. Even pet-talk yourself. You may sound like crazy but it does help sometimes. Find your points of strength and compliment it.

Soon enough you'll believe those compliments. You'll start to see your points of strength and pay less attention to your points of weakness and that's when people will start to see you the way you see yourself. A person who's aware of both his strong and weak points which makes you a confident person.

  • Finally -and this one is my favorite- THE three seconds rule:


Most of the times when you think twice it's over. whether it's trying to ask a girl out or scoring a goal in football.

Think twice and you're a dead fish ... simple as that.

Do not hesitate and act trusting your gut. What could possible go wrong? Will you ruin things up? Well, you already do that by thinking twice.

And I swear almost all the good things that happened in my life where due to sudden decisions I made.

Don't doubt yourself. If you think something is right then it is. If you want to try something out then go for it. You'll end up having more faith on yourself once you find out your choices might not be that bad. and that risks can actually be worth it.

And that's all. Work on these points and you'll find yourself enjoying a better confident life :))



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