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Building The Mind

Updated on November 28, 2010

There are several ways that we can build our mental capacity.  For example, some people are avid readers of many different types of material. Others, people spend hours doing cross word puzzles. Still a few spend there time learning new math practices. They also spend time solving complex word problems.  Some people spend their time studying scriptures. All of these are good practices for building the mind.  We will deal with one area in particular, developing word power.


Well, firstly, we all have a vocabulary.  Some of us know more words then other but we all have the capacity to increase our vocabulary.  There are several benefits to a strong vocabulary. Our vocabularies can be increase by reading many different sources. We can read the scriptures, newspapers, non fiction books, fiction books, periodicals and many other sources.


Next, what are some of the benefits of a strong vocabulary? There is an enhancement in our speech. Others will better understand what we are saying; also there is a self confidence that we are conveying accurately what we want to get across. People will begin to view us differently. We will have an increase understanding of what others are saying.  Our minds will begin to stretch mentally to understand larger concepts. 


Well, the real benefits comes when we use the dictionary to look up words we do not know as we read. This process allows our other mental internal processes to sharpen and bloom. We read the definitions of unknown words this births a new awareness, a new growth of thought. Yes, there is a growth of our mental capacity. In essence, we have opened a door to let more light in. So, if we can develop a regular habit of using our dictionary, it will pay us back with many dividends.  It will be one habit we will never regret.   


Some growth processes in life have a way of sticking with us, and building a strong vocabulary is one of them. For example, you may have a few spare moments to think about a particular issue, problem or challenge.  If we have taken the time to develop a strong vocabulary, our minds will have a greater avenue for solving the issue, problem or challenge. There will be more roads available to access solutions.


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