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Updated on October 15, 2009

 "Bull lee' me a....... 



"Bull lee' me a...... ...lone!!"

she gasped
through her vomit
encrusted lips
lips once full and pouty
but now dessicated
by the lack of nourishment
plus her stomach acid

lip balms
three to
four times a day

She only prizes thin
instead of thin-king
she will pig out
on huge volumes of food
and then purge in
long retches of pain.

"bulleemia lone"
is all she
can say when
to save her
from cancer
down the road.

Ten years or so
from now
it may purge her
from this world,
vomiting her
into a hole
and then
covering with dirt
bones already exposed
under her frail flesh.

Then they truly will
leave her alone
occasionally visiting
with flowers
and mumbled prayers
over what could have been
but was eroded away
from bulimia and
the acids of choosing

insanity for vanity.


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