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Bulimia and Anorexia Equal Death...Change It Now

Updated on March 8, 2011 A Nationwide Non Profit Corp.

For The Good Of The Many
For The Good Of The Many

Curing and Healing Bulimia/Anoexia Permanently

The fact is: Long term Bulimia equals "Death". Total deprivation of all nutrients, coupled with robbing the body of all of it's "self manufacturing" nutrients, as well as existing nutrients already in the body leads to death. However it's actually pretty easy to correct. I personally beat this mental glitch, and since, have been asked to speak at various universities, and group discussions. This article is intended to give you insight on how to halt it now.

OK so she ate the "whole" loaf of Bread. Why, you ask...because it comes up very easy, and doesn't burn on it's way out. These types of foods just literally slide right out, after eating them, and they burst fewer blood vessels, and make your eyes tear less, not to mention it makes very little sound coming up. Certain Foods like this are what is sought after by Bulimics, and are a sign that there is a definite problem. I always went for the breads, cakes, chocolate, ice cream, potato's, anything that would slide out very quietly, and easily, and of course not burn. Also you must eat a large amount, in order for it to come up easily. It's opposite from Anorexia, in that respect.

Watching a suspected Bulimic can be difficult. You become a pro at it, at some point. Fooling everyone around you. Here's a dead give away which may clue you in to what's really going on. Eat a meal as usual, keeping in mind a Bulimic can only hold the eaten food inside them for up to 15 minutes (approximately). Waiting longer causes the food to become full of acid, (because it's trying to digest), causing it to burn when it comes up. Should this individual suddenly have to go to the bathroom right after eating, that is your sign. When they return to the table, they will be relieved, but show signs of watery eyes, redness in the face, and possible bad breath. Some Bulimics carry a tooth brush, and tooth paste, or mouth wash to cover up the smell. It's a learn as you go mental illness, that started with "ONE" thought of being fat, which originally conjured itself up, via a definite lack of chemical balance.

It's the 1st stage that sets the forum for the Bulimia to take over. "One" thought, can also stop it. It's a matter of proper balance (chemically), knowledge, and realizing the result sought after: To be the perfect weight, which is attainable through basic good nutrition. Vitamins, Supplements, and natural Herbs can correct this mental glitch, and allow you to achieve the real results of being your perfect weight. It's so much easier than our medical industry makes it out to be. I was able to correct the entire problem without the help of the medical industry. It works "so" well, that once the balance is correct, and the right nutrients are taken in, it literally becomes a self running machine.

Acid forming foods burn the throat, etc., on their way out from the stomach. You have to remove the food eaten before it breaks down, and joins with the acid in the stomach. Wait too long, and it will burn terribly. Yes there is a time limit as to how long you can wait. There are many foods, that bulimics seek.

By writing this article, I am going to give you the things to watch for. Yes I was a full blown bulimic from the age of 16 to the age of 21. Through education, and the power of "Knowledge", I was able to beat it, and it "never" returned...(That was 22 years ago). During the Bulimia (16 yrs. to 21 yrs. old) I was a size 5, yet I wasn't happy with that. Someone had made a comment to me that I was being silly, in thinking I was fat. the truth was, I wasn't fat, but the distortion that comes with Bulimia fooled my vision into thinking I was.

One day I had my back to the TV, I heard the News Caster say, "You ate the "whole" loaf of bread?" The girl being interviewed said, "yes, I ate the whole loaf". She went on to explain that she is a bulimic, and she can't control it. I sat there thinking to myself...There's a name for it? Of course I watched the entire report, to learn I was not the only one with this problem. Quite a wake up call, to say the least.

I am incredibly thankful, that I went the education route, as opposed to continuing with the Bulimia. I was mentally obsessed with being my prefect weight. Just a tad far fetched, and unreasonable. I was in fact depressed, and my chemical/hormonal balance was definitely off. Thus allowing the perfect environment for Bulimia to take root. It's similar to hitting someone when their down.

The first sign of a problem is a normal sized girl saying she's fat. That's where it starts literally. It comes from outside influence, and the misconception of looking like someone else.

The host of outside influence, is greater than the strength within (temporarily), at the cross road in ones life. It's actually a margin of 40 - 60 percent of "outside involuntary influence". You will not even know, or realize it's happening.

Let's think about how many involuntary memories you were forced to have. These are the ones you didn't choose, nor would you have chosen, had you had a choice. The involuntary influence plays a major role in Bulimia, as well as other types of ailments. When you look back at the events in your life, and sort out what was chosen, vs. what was not. You come up with quite an interesting equation, that equals your life today. Luckily we all have the choice to correct it, and advance from that point of origin.

The trap of Bulimia is inevitably fatal, if it is allowed to continue. Deprivation of all nutrients is the key to the source of the problem. It can be beautifully manipulated to the good side in a matter of minutes, if the individual is willing to correct it once & for all.

Ones mental state, and chemical balance is the area to start. Correcting the chemical balance, along with the hormonal balance, will allow the brains receptors to receive the correct data, and actually change ones attitude, in turn welcoming it, as opposed to repelling it. This is the foot in the door to stop, and correct the problem.

I am living proof that it "can" in fact be corrected permanently. I have "never" had a relapse, or even a slight desire to vomit again. As a matter of fact a few times I was sick with a virus that "caused" me to vomit, I felt feelings of trepidation at the thought of vomiting...I didn't like it, and no it didn't interfere with my advances made in curing it. Not even a little.

First & foremost: Never ever say anything negative about the individual who is having this problem. Instead take an approach of being a good positive source of information you will be relaying. Start with the fact that all these models they see in magazines...Are Airbrushed! Once the photo is taken, all their flaws are "Airbrushed Away"! They don't really look like that in real life! News Flash! They could be bulimic, or Anorexic too!

I am here 22 years after I cured this glitch in my body, and I've maintained proper nutrient intake, and manage my "health" (not my weight) through mathematics (Chemical Balance). Your Chemical Balance is the math, and once you've corrected the math...everything else follows suit. Vitamins, supplements, herbs, fruits, and vegetables, with whole grains, are the main staple to a correct way of balancing the body. It works, and it won't let you down. It will help boost your immunity, and correct areas of damage caused by the Bulimia, among so many other good things.

Bulimia is in the mental depressive category, involving low self esteem, distorted images of ones self, and the quest to be the perfect weight. It's pounded into our heads every hour on the hour by our wonderful media. The outside world is very harsh towards Bulimics, and Anorexics, because of ignorance. Unfortunately the public has little restraint in their harsh criticism of people with this mental issue.

It is not a disease! Nor will it ever become one. It is merely a lack of chemical balance, which leads to depression, in turn allowing weakness within the body, and brain. Once the whole package of necessary nutrients are taken into the body, you will see remarkable changes.

The "Prescription For Nutrition Healing" (The Nutrition Bible) has the complete list of nutrients needed to fix this problem forever! I did it, I live it, and I won!

I will never be controlled like that again! It's a profound experience to be able to conquer something the medical industry is struggling with. I have read countless cases of Bulimia/Anorexia, and unfortunately the fall out rate is not very good, compared to the unprecedented results I "have" been able to achieve on my own, through nature. Bulimia can be deemed as a temporary stop over in the travels of life. One must realize, it starts within the body initially, and grows from there. Paying attention to ones actions, and desires can provide many clues as to exactly where it went wrong mathematically, (The Bodies Chemical Balance).

There is life after Bulimia, once corrected. When you focus on "Health" vs. weight, the weight goes away all by itself. Health is the cure, and balancing the body will show you just how wonderful life can be without the mental hang ups. They are completely eliminated through "Correct Chemical Balance" period. Not only will you conquer the problem itself, but you will also be correcting the depression that comes with it, and you will never have to worry about being over weight again. It won't return, if you focus strictly on being healthy.

There is no reason to let it continue another moment! The life you were meant to live is only a thought away. Make the move to correct this now, so that later you can actually "live" your opposed to being consumed by negative mental thoughts, that will take over...if you allow it. I conquered it, and you can too. Consider this article the first step in enlightening yourself as to "How" to correct this now.

The fact is I "don't" want to be over weight, and I won't be. I've been able to maintain the same size, and I pretty much eat anything I want, as long as it's good for me, my body, my mind, and my brain function. By focusing on this aspect alone, everything else will work in conjunction, and accordingly. It's just math, and you can't argue with math...It's the answer to the problem.

Try not to be a "Drill Sgt." about it, the mental state of a Bulimic is very fragile. Tread lightly, and refrain from getting angry with the individual, it makes it worse. Instead tell them you are certain it can be fixed, and hand them the book: The Prescription For Nutritional Healing. Go over the list with them to show, you are part of the cure, and not hindering their healing opportunity. Not to mention the "bonding" that will occur.

Let's make sure we understand this important fact. Bulimics/Anorexics are "NOT" stupid people. Most are actually above average, and many are found to be intellectuals. Involuntary results are from the lack of chemical balance, leading to thoughts that are appropriate to it. Once corrected, and maintained...You've won! That's really all it takes! Eating only foods that are good for the body, is something that the whole family should take part in.

Bulimics, and Anorexics initially have the right idea (re: being the perfect weight)...It's the way they go about achieving the results that's wrong. It's absolutely correctable, and easy to maintain once you're there. Everyone deserves to be able to achieve optimum health, to eliminate the host of illness that's knocking at all of our doors. Lock that door, and open this one, it's the right door, and much happiness waits for you on the other side of it.

I can tell you it's quite a fantastic experience to look back upon previous mistakes in life, and know beyond a shadow of a doubt that you conquered it! It's the same as being on "Top Of The World"! For the Love of Life, and the Good of the Many! A Nationwide Non Profit Corp.

The Universal Language Of Love
The Universal Language Of Love


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    • BrainFire profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from The Island

      Hi Libby:

      Thanks for visiting. I hope to help many with information that is not readily available to people as it should be. Since I do educate people for free in many things I do I have been able to confirm for everyone it is far better to deal with an educated consumer, than not. When one is educated on the facts one can make better decisions.

      When I was younger I thought maybe logic would strike many like it struck me, and got me to completely stop and never do this again. It was and is a mistake. The chemical balance that is lacking created the origination point from which this starts. Chemical prompting thoughts appropriate to the present imbalance. Correct the imbalance, correct the thoughts. It's true simple math. Forget the emotion it has no place in the equation. Math repels emotion and stands firmly unchallenged because it is the true rule that prevails. Follow your math to the answer of who you are, and who you will become. It's a straight path that repels interference from negative influence.

      Do the math and you will get it right!:)

      Your power is within you Libby look to yourself the strength is there...I see it and feel it.

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Such an interesting article. I have been interested in the mental- food connection for the last few years. I tried the raw fod diet which definitly helped some. I too try to balance out my electrolytes, take vitamins, enyzmes & pro biotics etc. etc. to try balance my body out.

      I have been bulimic for over 10 years and am not over producing hcl, the opposite my body does not produce enough of it so that I can still throw up meals I ate 7 hours ago without them having been broken down.

      I dont really know what I am trying to say or why I am commenting, except that maybe I am really interested in your work.

    • BrainFire profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from The Island

      The best recommendation I could make AZ is to go get some blood work. Nutrient levels that are not balanced properly can cause a myriad of things to occur including the urge to binge or purge. Chemical balance usually plays a role in this. Eat fruits and vegetables, nuts and whole grains all the time. Vitamins and supplements, with calming herbs like red clover and scull cap. Step on over to the flip side of life where the Love and health fills every aspect of your life to the fullest.

      Suppose I were to tell you you are not allowed to do this. It was never an option, and the deprivation it causes upon the body has direct impact that harms you and those around you that you love. You are breaking the "Law Of Life" and must immediately throw it into reverse and come down the right road instead. How about this: each time you purge you have to make a donation to the church and non profit of: what ever amount is in your pocket. Could you think twice about it and remind yourself that you alone are throwing the entire course of history off by doing this?

      Stand right in front of the mirror and tell yourself this every single day you wake up.

      I Love you and I will respect you from now on. I am so happy to be alive to feel Love and share my life with another who I love. It is a great honor to have this opportunity to build a future for our children, and their children too. I will honor my meaning of life until I take my last breath. Love will guide you. Make no decision without it.

      Be well:)

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      That got cutoff


      anyways, looking for information and help. My wife shouldn't have to deal with this

      and nor should I

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      That got cutoff


      anyways, looking for information and help. My wife shouldn't have to deal with this

      and nor should I

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Interesting enough, I

      am a man as well who is dealing with this issue. I was bulimic for one year, then kicked it for 5 years no problem. I gradually got more involved with my fitness before my wedding and i became so fit that it was almost as if it created the perfect mental and physical environment for a relapse, but I never saw it coming! wife and I decided to give ourselves treats after we had completed the exercise program and wer_ a binge format obviously wouldn't have been supported had she known

      .But thats MY fault. Shame is why I never said anything but its hard to amdit that without preemtion. So now I sit about 18 months later, still having nightly ritual binge and purge cycles...I guess I am abnormal in that I eat several meals a day that I always keep down, take vits/supps, replace electrolytes, takes potassium supps, and on top of it I always keep my binge food down anywhere from 3-5 hours before trying to get everything out. Perhaps its not abnormal bulimic behavior, Ive only read what I find on the internet. Well! anyways, I want to stop and I am trying to do so currently. I

    • BrainFire profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from The Island

      Hi It's just me:

      I have to say I am totally disturbed by your comment, and thought process. It's alarming to hear that you have been doing this for such a long time. You are following in Debbie Boones foot steps.

      Imagine if you could, a quality life without the act of nutrient deprivation. You may think you can live like this, but I would have to argue that that is not living.

      You are an advanced case of bulimia, and I'm certain if I were to examine you, I would be able to identify all the long term permanent damage you have sustained.

      The first thing I would do is immediately check your PH levels, and then send you for a complete blood work up, including nutrient levels, and what you're lacking, as well as cholesterol, BMI, mental aptitude, brain function, and more. I would examine your finger nails, your skin tone, and color, your hair, eyes, teeth, throat, and facial presentation. Then we would move on to your liver, kidneys, stomach, and so on. Most long term bulimics have a chipmunk appearance.

      If you were local to me in Long Island, I would say get over here now! I have doctors, and nutritionists who can help you, besides me. We work as a cooperative. The fact is this: your human body cannot function properly this way. It's a matter of MATH, not your opinion or mine. The body needs certain nutrients in order to function at all. The human body is non negotiable, and will ultimately fail you at some point. Please read some of the famous cases out there.

      You may "think" you are OK, but I can prove you are not. Better yet...YOU can prove you are not too. Get the blood work done, and go to a nutritionist immediately! If you email me a location, I'll find you someone.

      To me you are a monumental case, and I would like to follow your progress, if I may. Ultimately hoping I can help you heal. If you are overweight, I would guess (without all the facts) you are probably toxic, and your body is in over production mode of producing hydrochloric acid. Which in itself is not good.

      Not only can this definitely lead to death, but on the way to death, extreme organ shut down, and malfunction occurs. After the length of time you have invested in this highly detrimental practice, I would have zero doubt that you have sustained many permanent damages.

      Please consider this: I believe you have room for more education, and knowledge of this. I feel your philosophy is way off, and inappropriate for your well being. It's a simple mathematical equation that equals a viable answer: Focus on "just" being healthy, not a diet, not starvation, and no toxic drug routines. If you can make that change over, you will never be over weight!

      I lived this, and speak from experience, with over 25 years of study in naturopathy, holistic medicine, and a wide array of alternative answers that actually work. I was able to save my own life through education, and factual/mathematical research.

      You'll have to acknowledge it, because I am here today to talk you about this. All of my research, and studies are made available to the public, and I also run a humanitarian nationwide non profit corp., which is nature based, and will be providing the public with a quality organic food supply 365 days a year, in the very near future.

      You should be taking supplements, vitamins, and eating only organic fresh fruits and vegetables, with whole grains, and more. The items above in this hub were hand picked by me to help guide you through this process of prompting good health within.

      Make the switch and save your life, and stop wasting your very precious time with something that is so incredibly unproductive. It wasn't meant to go that way!

      Find your strength, and logic center in your brain, and tap into your own body. Your body is already telling you to're just not listening to the internal alarm.

      Feel free to email me direct:

      Please heed this warning...I am extremely concerned about you!

      Thank you for visiting, and adding your comments. I hope to hear back from you soon:)

      Take care!

    • profile image

      Its Just Me 

      8 years ago

      I have had this for 33 years. I am a man and I am not thin now and I think it is because of it. If anything I am overweight today even though I purge everything I take in. I think the fact that I am overweight now & still purging everything drives me to continue and not seek help. My thought process is ... if I am overweight now & I am purging everything I take in, imagine how big I would get if I were to stop. I hear people say this can lead to death. I don't believe that because I have been doing it for over 33 years now and I am still alive and kicking.

    • BrainFire profile imageAUTHOR


      10 years ago from The Island

      Thank you so much. It's really an honor for me to be here.

      I hope to help many, and remain their living proof that it can easily be beaten. For less than a Doctors visit, as a matter of fact. I think it's imperative to get the word out to everyone.

      I appreciate all input, and sharing on this subject as people are suffering long term affects from this, and or death.

      I've never even had an after thought about it, once it was corrected. Not even once. I think that says a lot. It's not a disease, and there is no relapse factor in this equation. The medical industry is not having great success with this, it's being milked for bucks instead. Long term bucks in fact.

      People should know their options, and be able to make an intelligent decision, vs. a decision without all the facts.

      Thanks Again for the visit & comment! :)



    • Princessa profile image

      Wendy Iturrizaga 

      10 years ago from France

      Hi, very interesting to have an insider's view on the issue and a 'happy end'. It is a constant battle that you have managed to win. Good for you! Let's try to help others to come out of it as well.


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