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Bulking Up

Updated on August 3, 2009

Most men are not happy with their body,but for skinny guys its a big problem as we are constantly being bombarded by images of 6packs and pecs that we can only dream about.Well if like me you have had enough and decided to bulk up im going to offer you some tips on how to do it fast,what food to eat what protein powder works well and what exercises are good at building overall bulk.When i started working out at my local gym i weighed about 61kgs but with some hard work, good protein powder and more hard work, within 6months i had increased my weight to 69kgs that's 8kgs of weight with the majority of it being muscle and to top it all i hadn't added too much to my stomach.

With bulking you will find that it wont all be solid muscle but with hard work on the weights you can keep your stomach from expanding too much,if it does then when you get to your ideal weight you can then add several cardio sessions to reduce this and get back your 6 pack.You will need a gym to get good gains,you can do it from home but with doing it from a gym you can lift more with spotters and you can get access to machines you may not have at home.

Protein Powder

Lets face it there is no point in trying to bulk up and build good muscle size unless you have a decent protein powder,because without it you are going to find eating the amount of food you will need to keep your body fueled and getting down the right amount of protein for your muscles to repair and grow will be nigh on impossible.Now I'm sure like me you have had a look at the various kinds of protein powder out there and there are loads,What you are going to need is an all in one powder which means it will not only have the best whey protein it will also have creatine and carbs and amino acids vital to building and repairing your body,lots of other lower cost powders just don't have these ingredients.Now you may need to try a few before you find one that is right for you,i think i went through 4 before i found the right one,The first gave me incredible wind,the second constipation and the third bloating of the stomach,I have tried reflex whey and met rx but the one that works for me happens to be one of the best on the market and unfortunately for me one of the most expensive.I use Maximuscle's Cyclone which is an all in one and for me gives tremendous results.It combines 60g's of protein as well as 10g's of creatine.But try some for yourself until you are happy with a certain one.

The foods

Im sure most of these are self explanetery but im going to mention them anyway as they will all work towards providing your body with the protein and nutrients it requires to grow.






Nuts and Seeds

Muscle building nutrition

The Exercises

Squats:These are the number one exercise for bulking up.The leg muscles are the biggest muscles in the body and this exercise hits all the leg muscles at the top of the leg and helps your core strength as well by keeping your balance.Not only that but this exercise will burn the most calories at the same point as you use extra energy trying to squat with large weights.

Pull ups:These are ideal in increasing the size and width of your back and your back is made up of a number of muscles that if built with this exercise will increase your weight and bulk.You will probably need some assistance as i doubt you will do more than a few with your own body weight,build it up slowly

Deadlifts:Another brilliant leg exercise that hits all the major leg muscles

Bench Press:A good exercise and probably the most well known one for the chest but it also works your triceps and shoulders so if your going for upper body bulk then this exercise is a must.Make sure you have someone spot you.


In summery bulking up will not happen overnight,you cannot add muscle size and build good muscle in a week or two.Persist and work hard and you will see results,then when you reach your ideal weight then lose one of the weights sessions and add in 2-3 cardio sessions to cut up and get rid of any excess body fat.Best of luck,i would like to hear some success stories.cheers


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    • warchild75 profile image

      lee 7 years ago from Worthing, west sussex, england

      You are welcome rebu,glad to help!!

    • rebu profile image

      rebu 7 years ago from Coorg,India

      thnx for the information..i will surely do it...