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Burn fat quickly

Updated on April 26, 2009

Weight training

Whether you are a male or female, training with weights will build up your muscles and also burn some fat. For women who think that they will build big gross muscles are mistaken because women do not have enough testosterone and therefore women who train with weights will not get to big. The point is that whether you are a man or a woman that lifting weights can aid in burning some fat off and it will help to build muscles. So guys if you want muscles to show off than you need to hit the weights and women if you want shape to your bodies than lifting weights can definitely help you in that area.

So now that you know that lifting weights helps in burning fat and building muscle you now need to pick a good weight training routine. Everybody is different and results will vary person to person but just do your research and remember to always train within your ability.

Eating right

So you know weight training will aid in the process of losing weight and building muscle. Eating right will also do that. Eating right does not necessarily mean going on a diet, it simply means eating common sense. No eating fried foods, processed foods, fatty foods and junk food. Try to eat high protein, moderate carbs ( from Whole wheat pasta, potatoes etc.. ) and low-moderate fats. When you crave junk food try to snack on something healthy such as nuts or fruits.

As far as calories go, it all depends on how active you are. Remember that you want to build muscle and burn fat so just because you cut calories down and you might even lose weight it might harm you in the short or long run. If you cut to much calories than you might be cutting out other essential nutrients that aid in building muscles and burning fat such as protein and other vitamins. Remember that you want to burn fat and burn calories and build muscle, so if you don't have calories to burn when you exercise than you can do more bad than good for your body and progress.

So keep in mind that eating right and with common sense, getting the proper protein intake as well as vitamins from your meals will all make the process of burning fat and and building muscle go much smoother and quicker.


Finally the main ingredient to burn fat off is to do cardio. Cardio comes in many forms. Depending on the person the average cardio session takes 30-45 minutes or longer and done 3-4 days a week but again it all depends on the person and their capabilities. if you choose to do less intense cardio.

There is no easy way around it and no excuses should be made when it comes to cardio. You should just do it, whether it's a 15 minute run or a 45 minute walk or an hour long bicycle ride. Even if you can run or jog for only 5-10 minutes than do what you can and finish your session walking. Try to aim for at least 45 minutes of cardio either way. You will be able to do more as your body builds up more tolerance and endurance.

Fat burning supplements

 Fat burning supplements are everywhere and every single one of these manufacturers will probably claim that their product works and works the best. Some will work great for you, some will give you some results and some will not work at all for you. The best thing to do is to do some research on your own or get advice from a few health and fitness professionals. If you do seek advice try and talk to more than one person because they will most likely have different opinions.

Either way you do not need a fat burning supplement to burn fat but in alot of cases you will see some results given that you lift weights, eat right and do your cardio. In matter of fact the results can be great if you do all of those things combined with a good fat burning supplement.

There you have it

 There you have it. It is simple, you do not need any fad diets ( most of them work but you will most likely gain the weight back once you are finished with your diet ) or any high tech equipment or any other fancy gadgets to lose weight. Lift weights, eat right and do cardio often and take a fat burner if you would like to. It is simple and leave it to supplement companies, new gadgets and so-call fitness gurus ( who by the way will probably have something to sell ) and other so-call fitness professionals and fad diets to make people believe that losing weight and building muscle is impossible or difficult.

Losing weight and building muscle is not rocket science and for the average person it is not hard to do. Just do not believe the hype and stay focus and results will follow shortly.


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