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...Burst of Flame... Transforming the Addicts Energy via Chakra Awareness (The Quit Smoking Express)

Updated on December 30, 2011

Fire Rising

She sat on the floor of the train and watched as he made his way to her. The car rattled with icy creaks and scratching as he pushed the heavy door open. She watched as he came closer and then lowered her eyes, pretending to inspect the lines on the floor.

He put his bony hand under her chin and lifted up her face. His gaze was filled with death and the disciples of the addiction that had come before her. Phantoms danced in his eternal glare deep within his skull she saw something that made her ache with remembrance.

Her father swam in that lake of fire with the others and she thought she recognized some of the random people of her life out there. She began to crave the nicotine in an extremely unpleasant way and even her fingernails were on fire with desire for the noxious items.

A silver slithering sound came from the corner of the car as the conductor looked over her shoulder. "What are you doing here?" He hissed at the metal colored snake that slid like oil over to the girl and curled around her hips. She sat horrified and unable to move as the snake continued to coil around her.

It took all of her strength to stand and the conductor laughed a hollowed sound as the snake tightened around her. She began to push it and pry it off of her only to become enmeshed in its scales like velcro. She peeled it away from her and it began to wind itself around her arm and make its way to her neck where it rested peacefully along her shoulders.

The conductor glared at them and knew that it was only a matter of time before the Fire would Rise for her. He had to claim her before that happened or she would not join the rest in the Lake of Fire. It became a war where you had to fight fire, with fire.


The conductor had the ability to turn everything to ash, everything to the gray shade of death and the metal colored snake was one of his counterparts. He hadn't summoned this one though and thought that someone must be looking for her, trying to save her from him. He saw flashes of Red in an otherwise steel landscape.

He was the ash that fell from the cigarettes and the ash that humans were reduced to either right after or long after their deaths. Ashes to ashes...we all fall down...he loved to chant that as another addict would succumb to the weakness and naivety of the habit. He loved to see the fallen flounder in agony and withdrawal. He loved to haunt them at the foots of their beds and lace the edges of their dreams in terror and dysfunction.

He couldn't wait to claim her. He could kill that snake right now but the Red was bothering him. It was the only thing that made him uneasy. The Red would come and save her, if she was truly worthy and he would lose her. For now. The Red was trying to seep in through the creases of gray and he was alone with her for just a few more moments.

He looked at her, all draped in snake and wished that he had the power to remove it. He knew full well this was not his time but he always tried his hardest to hold on regardless. The Red was now pouring in the car like smoke and he knew it was time to get back to the control room. He left her there as the Red filled the room and the snake began its descent.

Heavy on her body, he slowly winded down and around until he reached the base of her spine. The Red had gathered there, concentrated and dense. Her legs were so heavy with the thick condensation of it that she had to sit, cross legged and anxious.


A pulsing began at the base of her spine as the Red filled the room. Muladhara...Muladhara...Muladhara...this word was whispered by a womans voice. She could not see anyone within the red mist but distinctly felt the snake coiled there, comfortable in the red panel of energy that had begun to spread out beneath her.

She sensed a calming in her mind then. The Red was taking the focus and the edge off of the cravings and thoughts of insanity with the addiction. It was as if roots had grown down through the cars steel floor and were trying to latch onto the tracks below. The train felt as if it were standing still even though the night sped by in a dark blue velvet rush. She closed her eyes and saw the blue pulse in the center of her forehead, just the slightest tinge but it was there.

She allowed the red energy to ground her and felt physically stabilized. She wondered if she could summon this feeling on her own for when the addiction and its pull came to uproot her. She was seeing peace in the darkness and the tiny blue pulse light. She was feeling connected again to her beginning where she was not an addict and she was not dependent on a substance that would surely send her to the Lake of Fire.

The feeling of security spread out beneath her and her pulse ran through the roots she felt beneath. She felt renewed here and safe in the darkness around her. Red had come to help her begin to grow from here. She had taken this ride knowing that it would change her in ways that she was ready to understand now. She had been visited by the Red Queen, who had come to introduce her to the proper use of her energy now that she would abandon the wasted energy that her addiction had consumed.

The Queen was ready to speak to her, and through her.

Meditation for the Root Chakra


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  • Carole Anzolletti profile image

    Carole Anzolletti 6 years ago from The Phantom Queen's Labyrinth

    Wow that is amazing and I love that you enjoyed this! I also have the book Wheels of Life and it was my first large volume on the subject of chakras. I am so grateful for your comment and thankful for your interest in my work:) Happy New Year!

  • profile image

    sciencegirl 6 years ago

    nicely done. I enjoyed reading this. I have studied with Anodea Judith and absolutely love her work. (Wheels of Life author) I think she would enjoy this piece very much.