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A Guide To Healthy Living and Weight Loss Without The Fads

Updated on September 9, 2014

Do You Believe That Eating Habits Influence Weight Loss?

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Staying In Shape & Being Healthy

It’s that time of year again when we will most likely overindulge at Christmas and then quickly endeavour to shed those kilos through our New Year’s Resolution. How many times have you listed weight loss as part of your New Year's Resolution and failed to follow through with it.

Before tackling the difficult and burdensome task of losing that weight, bear in mind these popular weight loss myths.


The best and safest way to lose weight is through a lifestyle change. Diet and exercise are all you need to change your life today!

Stay Committed To Exercising & Changing Your Diet

If you're serious about getting fit, staying in shape and losing weight, the most important thing to do is stay committed and never give up. Becoming fit or shedding those unwanted pounds won't happen overnight. The longer you stay committed, the more enjoyable you'll feel about exercising and taking the right steps forward. After a while you will notice that you won't be craving fatty foods like you once did.

Monitoring Your Weight Loss Diet

Watching your diet can sometimes be more effective than actually ensuring you do regular, intense workouts. Eating foods low in saturated fats, sugars and sodium can make all the difference in helping your body achieve the right level of fitness. Certain foods will make your heart work harder while also increasing the risk of heart disease and other illnesses. Although it's still very important to exercise, ensure that you also eat the right foods to fuel your body. Deep fried chicken won't provide the necessary energy to sustain your body's needs during an intense exercise in comparison to bananas and unprocessed foods.

Say no to Sugar, Fat, Excess Calories & Excess Carbs
Say no to Sugar, Fat, Excess Calories & Excess Carbs | Source

Weight Loss Myths


• If I stop exercising, my muscle will turn into fat -- FALSE

Muscle and fat are two different types of cells in the human body. Each has its own role and one cannot turn into the other. Both fat and muscle are able to expand and contract depending on a person’s diet, exercise and genetics. For a previously active client who may be injured, it may appear that their previously large muscles are turning into fat as it is now getting loose and flabby, however it is important to realise that if muscles are not actively used they will atrophy (shrink) and if food intake is increased (without exercise being undertaken) then the body will also store more fat, giving the impression of muscle converting to fat.

I will lose the most fat if I exercise at a lower intensity for a longer duration -- FALSE

Exercising at a low intensity is important for those with injuries, the obese, novice exercisers and the elderly; however for a symptom free individual moderate to high levels of intensity will bring the greatest benefit. Exercising at a low intensity does not activate the support systems in the body as strongly as a moderate to high intensity session would, and in consequence the total energy output following a high intensity exercise is greater than the energy output following a low intensity program. Individuals who exercise at a higher intensity are able to achieve their goals quicker and are not easily de-motivated as they are able to consistently see results on a fortnightly basis. Always remember that a quick jog will always burn off more calories than a longer walk. Intense exercises will generally provide greater results but keep in mind that these can sometimes lead to injuries.

• Doing 100 crunches every night will help me lose abdominal fat -- FALSE

This popular myth is referring to spot reduction where exercises such as crunches, sit ups, leg-hip raises, etc only exercise the muscles under the fat. They do not work at reducing the overall fat in your body. To lose fat in any one area, you need to ensure that you lose more kilojoules through exercise & restricting kilojoules intake, than you have consumed. Another way of looking at it is Kilojoules out must be greater than the kilojoules in.

This needs to be achieved consistently for your body to adapt to the necessary changes to start releasing fats in your body as muscle tone is also achieved. Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that being good one day and then naughty the next will not hinder your diet plans, because trust me they will! Try to incorporate many different exercises that work one body part, for example try planks, oblique twists, twisting crunches, & SideBridge that all target the abdominal muscles.

• Men lose weight from their abdominal first and women from their breast -- SOMEWHAT TRUE

This myth does have some truth to it, as the amount of fat lost in an individual and the pattern in which it is lost (i.e the body areas where fat is lost from first, etc) is dependent upon a persons genetic makeup, their gender and age. Two individuals of the same sex and age undertaking the same training program will not have the same result, so avoid comparing your training results to your mates as you may take a little longer to lose those last 5 kilos.

• Women should avoid weight training unless they want to bulk up -- FALSE

This could not be any further from the truth. Weight training is very important for women as it helps maintain bone density (important at preventing osteoporosis) and building long lean muscles. Cardio training does not tear our muscles and will not give the same result that weight training can. Resistance training causes women’s strength to increase without the added bulk. Women’s bodies have only a third of the testosterone required for bulking up (hypertrophy) and through weight training most women can only achieve muscle tone and definition.

Weight Loss Myths For Your Waist Line
Weight Loss Myths For Your Waist Line | Source

Simple Weight Loss Tips

Weight Loss Tips:

  1. Set yourself goals now before Christmas and the New Year and remember that: Kilojoule intake > kilojoules out.
  2. Think twice before having additional food servings or having dessert as most of them are empty kilojoules and low in nutrition. Ask yourself is it better to avoid putting the weight on now or have to lose it later?
  3. Remember there is no secret to weight loss. Don’t fall for fad diets with celebrity endorsements. They will not work. If something seems too good to be strong, then it generally is!
  4. Exercise at least 45 minutes per day at moderate intensity. If you cannot spare a full 45 minute session, then aim for 15minute sessions as an alternative. Train for at least 4 days per week. Remember 30 minutes a day is the minimum. If you want results, then you have to aim to work harder and longer!
  5. Vary your workouts to keep your body guessing. You will notice the most change this way.
  6. Undertake a mix of cardio and resistance training (concurrent training).
  7. Buddy up with your friend or partner. Ask them to hold you accountable in terms of your training and dietary intake.
  8. Keep a food diary and record all your daily intake of food. Write food down as you are having it. Don’t guess at the end of the day. Don’t lie to yourself otherwise it is only yourself you will fool in the end.


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