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Cheap Places to Buy Contact Lenses

Updated on June 24, 2015

Buy Contact Lenses Online

You don't have to buy your contacts through your eye doctor. Separate yourself from the masses. Step out on your own and pick your very own contact lenses. You can get your prescription from the doc and then buy the lenses yourself, saving yourself big bucks.

However, you may want to ask your doctor for suggestions to help you pick out what type of contacts fit your lifestyle and budget. Once you know what type you want, or if you want to narrow it down a little more, you can find more information about each type from a retailer website or directly from the manufacturer. Many retailers specialize in contact lenses and carry the latest and greatest. They also carry the manufacturer's rebates. Sometimes you can get a lower price from these sites because they buy the lenses from the manufacturers at wholesale pricing and then redistribute them to consumers with a lower profit margin than the manufacturer.

Contact Lens Retailers

  1. is a website that searches other websites for you, much like Google Shopping or This site makes money by referring you to other sites. When you make a purchase, they make more money.
  2. is an retailer of contact lenses. You can get several brands on here. They offer low prices and manufacturer rebates.
  3. is also a retailer of contacts. They probably have the largest selection but the prices seem to be generally higher.
  4. has most contact lens brands. They are sometimes a little more expensive than but also offer manufacturer's rebates.
  5. offers pretty much the same selection as other contact lens retailers, but the prices are higher. They offer most manufacturer's rebates.

Contact Lens Brands and Types of Contact Lenses

  1. is the website of eye care manufacturer Bausch & Lomb. Bausch & Lomb manufacturer Ray-Ban sunglasses. They have several types of contacts, including:
    • PureVision
    • 2 Week
    • Optima
    • SofLens Dailies
  2. Acuvue is a contact lens brand owned by Johnson & Johnson. They have several types of contacts, including:
    • Acuvue Oasys
    • Acuvue 2
    • 1-Day Acuvue
    • Acuvue Advance
  3. CIBA Vision carries the popular FreshLook color contact lenses and DAILIES disposable contact lenses. They are a division of Novartis AG. You cannot buy the contacts directly from their website. They do, however, have a helpful search engine to help you decide which DAILIES contact lenses are right for you. Their selection includes:
    • Air Optix
    • FreshLook
    • Focus Dailies
    • Durasoft
  4. Cooper Vision specializes in problem prescriptions. If you have a very specific need, Cooper Vision contacts may be right for you. You can read about each type of contact they offer on their website, but you cannot buy them directly. Many of the retailers above carry Cooper Vision contacts. Their selection includes:
    • Biofinity
    • Frequency 55
    • Proclear
    • Preference


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