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Buy Great Knee Pillow - Top 6 Picks

Updated on April 2, 2011

There are many reasons why one might need a knee pillow. Perhaps you have always had troubles with your knees? Or you had a knee surgery recently? Also, some people tend to experience knee pain when they sleep on their side since one knee is lying on the other. If not treated properly on time, that can cause severe lower back and hip pain.This is where a knee pillow comes in. A knee pillow is also called Contour leg pillow. Having a knee pillow brings many benefits. The majority of knee pillows are designed to be placed between your legs. What does exactly a knee pillow do?

First, a knee pillow will ensure that your body is in the right position while side sleeping which will result in a better sleep, comfort and freshness when you wake up in the morning. Also, a knee pillow will boost the circulation in the veins of your legs. And the leg muscles will get the support they need. If you are a patient who is recovering from a knee surgery then placing a knee pillow between your legs will prevent undesired post operative symptoms such as swelling, sores and many other. That is why many doctors proscribe their patients buying a knee pillow if they want their recovery to go faster and easier. Down below are listed knee pillows for knee pain, each of them being the best in its own category.

1. Best Memory Foam Knee Pillow

Now more and more pillows are made out of memory foam. What are the main characteristics of a memory foam knee pillow? For starter, it responds to heat. If it is colder in your room, the pillow is more firm. If it is warmer in the room, then the pillow gets softer.

Also, it adjusts to your knees, and after you are no longer using it, the memory foam turns back into its original shape. The included plush velour cover is washable. Due to memory foam, you actually get a customizable pillow decreasing the pressure on your knees and a restful sleep.

2. Best Hypoallergenic Knee Pillow

This is great for all of those who suffer from allergies as this pillow is free of frequent allergens used in manufacture. And on the plus side, the soft cover is washable in the machine. This memory foam knee pillow is ergonomically designed to eliminate the pressure, enhance circulation and stop not only knee pain but also lower back and hip pain which results in immediate relief. It is thick, but comfortable and most importantly provides support throughout the whole night.

3. Best Knee Pillow For Osteoarthritis

If you are suffering from osteoarthritis also called as degenerative arthritis then this might be perfect for you. Actually, this is a knee pad, but it is referred to as a knee pillow as well. The best thing about this one is that it does not slip, even when you get out of bed. If you were searching for something that will provide you proper spine alignment and solution for your knee pain, you should seriously consider this one. The material is soft, light and you can even choose between 4 sizes for a custom fit.

4. Best Inflatable Knee Pillow

An inflatable knee pillow would be of particular interest for those who are on the road a lot since it does not occupy a lot of space when packing. Also, since it is inflatable you can adjust the firmness according to your needs. Some people prefer this one over the memory foam type. The cover is made out of gentle velvet, but has to be ashed by hand, not in the machine. This pillow will remove the pressure of your knees, provide firm support and reduce hip and back pain. And on the plus side, it comes with a travel pouch.

5. Best Knee Pillow Bolster

As you see from the picture, this one has a different shape from the previously listed knee pillows. However, this too can be placed between your knees while side sleeping. If you are one those people who sleep on their back, then you should give this knee pillow bolster a try since it can be placed under your knees while sleeping.

If you are thinking to yourself that it will slip or not stay in one place you are wrong. The bolster has 27 inches which makes it long enough for you to move in your bed without repositioning it.  You can even choose between 5 colors which is rare for knee pillows –black, burgundy, agate, ivory and ebony.

6. Best Pregnancy Knee Pillow

This is by far best pregnancy pillow on the market. Why? Because it has so much possibilities. It is designed in a way that allows you not to place it only between your knees, but also use it for different sleeping positions. When a woman is 7-8 months pregnant and her belly is growing, other knee pregnancy pillows use to much space on the bed and become bulky leaving no room for the husband.

At that point the knee pillow becomes useless. But with this pillow, you just change the position. Knee and back pain is a common issue among pregnant women so if you want excellent support for your hips and knees through your pregnancy and get any sleep at night, this is a must-have pillow.


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