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Buy Pet Urn Online

Updated on March 12, 2012

When you've lost your pet, whether dog, cat, horse, or other animal, you may consider cremation. If this is the option for you, you'll want to consider buying an urn to hold your pet's remains.

There are many types of pet urns that you can buy, ranging from wooden urns, metal urns, copper urns, and more. Depending on what you're looking for, you should not have a problem finding an urn for your deceased pet.

You can buy a pet urn just about anywhere that sells urns and memorial supplies. There are many websites online that sell pet urns, but you'll find the best deals on eBay.

I recently looked an urn for my dog, on a memorial urn website that cost $60; eBay had the exact same urn for half price. When looking to buy a pet cremation urn, always consider looking on eBay for options. Just remember to check the seller's reputation before making your purchase.

Cremation Urn

Before buying a cremation urn, consider what style and material you want. What suits your pet and your pet's personality best? Take your time deciding on what style urn you want, as cremation urns come in a wide variety of styles and shapes, ranging from traditional apothecary urns to urns shaped into motorcycle gas tanks or sports equipment.

Consider waterproof urns, if you'll be placing the remains outside, or protective padding to protect indoor furniture from scratches.

Make sure to check the size of the urn. You want to ensure that the urn will hold all of your pet's remains. Many sellers and websites will notate a before-death weight limit that the urn will hold. If the urn is not large enough, you'll need to make arrangements for what ashes do not fit.

Consider custom urns, where you can personalize the urn with an engraving or picture. Adding a name, birth date, death date, and a nice saying, is common.

Make sure that the urn has an appropriate urn stopper to secure your pet's remains.

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Choosing a Cremation Urn

When choosing a cremation urn for your pet, you'll find that it is not an going to be an easy task. The grief of losing your pet is hard enough to handle, but finding the perfect urn where your pet will spend the rest of eternity can be tough.

Many pet urns will have a slot to add a picture and other personalization. Some sellers will include the cost of the personalization into the cost of the urn, whereas others may charge extra, so keep this in mind.

Consider outdoor cremation urns when you plan on keeping it outside.

Picture urns are great, too. You can add multiple pictures on various sizes of the pet urn, to best memorialize your pet. Be careful, though, as your guests may pick up the urn to look at all the pictures, and accidentally drop the urn.

Traditional urns, vintage urns, modern urns, and personalized urns are made in plenty, so you can find a wide range of urns available. Some will be specific for cats, whereas others may be specific for dogs, horses, or other animals.

Urn Jewelry

If you want to carry your pet with you at all times, there are jewelry options. You can put a small pinch of your pet's ashes within a charm on a necklace or within a ring.

Urn necklaces are very popular, and are commonly found in hear-shapes, teardrops, and small cylinders.

When buying a cremation necklace or ring, look for stainless steel or some material that will not tarnish.


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