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Buy a Cam Walker Online for Fracture or Surgery

Updated on September 30, 2010
A full shell Aircast Cam Walker with multiple Air Cells
A full shell Aircast Cam Walker with multiple Air Cells

Versatile Cam Walkers

Cam Walkers are a useful tool when treating sports injuries of the lower limb. An alternative to traditional casting, they offer more comfort, greater ease of mobility, and the ability to remove and reapply when medically indicated.

Cam Walkers can be used to treat sprains and other soft tissue injuries, stable fractures, and stress fractures. They are also commonly used post-operatively to support the leg.

Walkers are designed for weight bearing although they are also used at the non weight bearing stage in fracture management.

A stirrup style cam walker without air cells
A stirrup style cam walker without air cells

Features of Cam Walkers

 There are a number of features to consider when buying a cam walker. The more feautres the boot has, the more expensive it generally is. Below is a breakdown of the various options:

  • Full Shell or Stirrup Walker?: A full, hard plastic shell offers the most protection and better immobilization. Stirrup walkers only have vertical supports down either side and the rest is comprised of padding material. The leg is able to move around more but they are cheaper.
  • Air cells or no air cells?: AIrcast designed the original cam walker with air cells. Once the boot has been done up, air cells inside are pumped up to ensure a customized, contoured fit. They prevent movement and make the boot much more comfortable. Walkers without air cells rely on the strapping alone to achieve the fit and immobilization. Their main selling point is again their lower cost.
  • Sizing? Most boots come in multiple sizes from Extra Small to Extra Large. There is usually a conversion chart that shows which shoe size fits which walker

Top of the Range Cam Walker

 The XP Walker is the flagship Aircast cam walker. It has a full plastic shell and four air cells.

The Air cells are inflated in sequence to provide a pressure gradient that helps control swelling in acute injuries.

The XP walker offers the highest level of immobilization of any walker, and can be used as a substitute for total contact casting.

The Inexpensive Air Cell option

By combining the air cell feature with a stirrup walker configuration, the MaxTrax Air walker by Procare offers comfort at a more economical price.

This walker does not offer the same level of immobilization as a full shell cam walker like the Aircast XP. It does however suit less serious injuries and is easy to walk in.

The air cells are inflated via an integrated pump at the front of the walker, making sure your pump travels with you.

The Economical option

 When price is the primary concern, a simple stirrup cam walker is the best option. For around $50 you can get a below knee cam walker suitable for short to medium term use.

The lack of expensive features such as air cells keeps the price down.

How to choose

 Your main concern should be getting the most appropriate cam walker for your injury.

Discuss the options with your doctor or physical therapist before purchasing a walker. As a general rule, the longer you are going to be in the cam walker, the more features you will require for ongoing comfort.

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