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Buy a Clear Blue (Clearblue) Pregnancy Test Online

Updated on December 3, 2012

You've had unprotected sex and you wonder if its possible you could be pregnant. An easy wasy to find out is buy and use a Clear Blue Pregnancy Testing kit.

Whether you're planning a pregnancy or not, home pregnancy testing kits let you know whether or not you are pregnant, even before your period is due.

They are incredibly accurate, as they measure the levels of HCG in your body. HCG stands for human chorionic gonadotropin. This is a hormone that is released from the developing placenta when you are pregnant.

While there are some rare medical conditions that can trigger a false positive result, the chances are against this being the case if you are otherwise healthy.

Clear blue pregnancy tests have 99% accuracy and can detect pregnancy from as early as 7 days before your period is due ( one week after conception).

If it returns a negative result, check again in a couple of days as you could still be pregnant. It all depends on how much HCG is circulating in your body at the time, and this varies not only from one to pregnancy to another, but each day in early pregnancy levels can double.

Signs and symptoms of early pregnancy include bloating, morning sickness, a change in taste, sore breasts and lethargy. There is usually no symptoms whatsoever in very early pregnancy, even though your body's hormone levels are changing.

Clear Blue Pregnancy Test
Clear Blue Pregnancy Test

You can become pregnant even if you never had full sex.

Heavy petting can result in pregnancy, if the male sperm got released. Millions of live spermatozoa are released each time a man climaxes, and if he got any on his hands and touched you intimately afterwards there is still a chance you could be pregnant, even if penetration never took place.

The earlier you know you are pregnant, the better, no matter if you wanted to be or not.

In the first three months of pregnancy, commonly known as the first trimester, the baby's major organs are being laid down. In actual fact, most of them have already been started by the time you miss your first period.

From that time on, your baby is simply growing and maturing.

Certain drugs and medications can harm your child at this vital stage in its development, so it is important for your to know whether or not you could be pregnant.

This is where the early pregnancy detection kit is at its most useful.

Clearblue have been market leaders in the field for more than 20 years. They are a name you can trust to deliver accurate results.

When you buy online, complete confidentiality is guaranteed. No matter your circumstances, the buying and using of something so personal as a pregnancy testing kit is no-ones else's business.

Often, if you live in a smallish town, you may not want to buy one from your local drugstore, because the staff know you.

Buy your Clearblue Pregnancy Testing Kit online and avoid this type of embarrassment. Generally it is cheaper to buy online too.

If you have taken the test and are pregnant, congratulations!

Whether or not you want to be pregnant, I suggest you read Normal Pregnancy and Childbirth which has lots of photographs of the developing baby at all stages of pregnancy.


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