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Updated on October 27, 2014


This morning I have come to a realization that change happens all around us and there are very few places in the world that are stagnet or inactive, sluggish, slow-moving, lethargic, static, flat, depressed etc...

What has changed? I have worked for an awesome company full of talented people. When I started 12 years ago it was a small 3 floor office that was full of fun and innovation. Everyone had the ability to contribute to the growth of the business. We celebrated the delivery of new orders by clapping hands, ringing bells and blowing whistles. We had offsite company team building events and we grew in the direction of upward with the company. If you had an idea that idea was celebrated and it was shared with everyone. We encouraged each other and built each other up.

I worked for an awesome company who is now spanding the Nation. We have increased sales within our product platform and have some really great innovative products. Our team has grown from 100's of people to over 100's of people. Our IT team is now vast and our teams are ever growing. We have seen people move up in the company and with all the new BU's we have seen people go to other companys while staying within the company.

Change is like the leaves on the trees from spring to fall to winter. They change in size, shape, color, active vibrant and inactive. Change is when the sun is shining one day and the rain is pouring down on another day. Change is when you say hello to a new challenge and good bye to a previous experience that helped you grow and maintain your loyalty but in a different way. Maybe you are a Service Advisor who moved on to another position or company and now instead of an employee you are a customer for life. Maybe you are a customer but now you are an employee for life. No matter what our station or our experience we all are subject to this word "Change".

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Changing and Growing

Change is a constant moving or action that causes one thing to morph or be something different. Change is my hair turning white because of age and stress. Change is when your child says gaaa gaa goo goo and now says mommy can I have a cell phone to can I drive the car? Change or Stagent: Which do you choose?

I choose change because to grow you must be able to plant the seed, water it, and watch it grow. A few years back our department gave us these beautiful plants. Some of us nuture and feed our plants and you can see them grow beautiful and full. The plants gave off these beautiful buds that some would grow so tall reaching the ceiling. Some of us gave our plants away because we felt we could not take care of them. But some of our plants didn't make it past day 5 this could be due to lack of attention.

As I sit here looking at my beautiful plant, I remembered at times it was a challenge to get it to grow then I decided to give it a new pair of shoes (vase) so his toes can wiggle. I decided to give him new soil (his clothing) so he can feel comfortable. I decided to talk and sing to him each day (communication is key to growth). And my precious beautiful baby has grown into a beautiful teen ager ready to take on the world.

What my Employer did for me

I feel that I received this beautiful gift to show me that I now have to grow either within my current role or outside of my comfort zone. And taking care of this beautiful gift was out of my comfort zone. I am truly grateful for the privilege, challenges, and experiences. I will utilize my skills and my experiences to help me through my new journey. I have had the blessing of many people that have seen my falling, stumbling, successes, and growth. I have had the privilege of working with all these awesome people, Sales, Support, IT, Management, Directors and more.... I cannot thank you all enough for contributing to my growth and success. I have learned from each and everyone of you on my journey to a new challenging adventure.

May you seed, water, and nurture your dreams. Please don't let anything or anyone get in your way. Utilize all your resources around you, network with people you never met. And above all else "Never give up, Never surrender" (Galaxy Quest).

Much success and change to you.....


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