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Christian Drug Rehabilitation Center: A Positive Option For Overcoming Adictions

Updated on April 24, 2020
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Overcoming addictions is often the most difficult thing a person can do. Is a Christian program the best approach?


A Christian drug rehab center is one option for overcoming addictions. Why is this worth considering? It is because the Twelve Step program reflects Christianity; admitting you are powerless, turning your will over to a Higher Power, facing where you’ve done wrong, and correcting those wrongs to the best of your ability.

A Christian treatment program offers spiritual support, as well as physical and mental. Christianity believes people suffer from addictions because their sinful natures separate them from God, their Creator. Jesus Christ paid the penalty for our sins by dying on the cross; by accepting His sacrifice, we can be reunited to God and overcome sin, which includes addiction. The Bible is full of verses that say God wants only the best for mankind. Enrolling in a treatment program that has a Christian basis can give you more support, leading to a greater chance of success.

Rehabilitation is an extremely complex process. There is more to overcoming addictions than merely stopping the substance abuse. Christian drug rehab centers have ministers on staff, as well as highly trained doctors and nurses, to help patients deal with what often is the most difficult battle of their lives.

For example, one must consider what drove the user to take up drugs in the first place. Over a third of alcoholics and half of drug users suffer from a dual diagnosis; that is, a co-existing mental disorder. Oftentimes, people turn to substance abuse to “self-medicate”, or treat their problems. The nature of the problem also leads to the use of certain types of substances; people who are angry tend to use “downers” like alcohol, heroin, and opiates. Depressed or upwardly mobile people prefer cocaine or meth, to ease the depression or give them energy. Marijuana, after alcohol, is the most abused drug, since it is easily available and often not taken ; this causes it to be a “gateway drug”, something people try before developing the nerve to move on to harder drugs. Men are more likely to use illegal substances, while women tend to prefer prescription pills, though prescription abuse is just as dangerous. If rehabilitation is to be successful, the underlying issues must be addressed.

Likewise, physical rehabilitation from different drugs requires different methods. Withdrawal from heroin, opiates, and alcohol can be very dangerous; even life-threatening. Medications are available to assist the patient. Recovery from cocaine and meth require different methods, as do prescription drugs and marijuana. Depending on how addicted the patient is, living in a residential treatment facility may be required. While in a Christian drug rehab center, residential patients can focus on their spiritual and mental issues while being assisted in physical withdrawal, then enter a halfway house for several months while they readjust to life in the outside world.

For people who prefer Christian drug rehab center, many options are available nationwide. Angie’s List contains several listings, complete with reviews. Also, there is a phone number you can call that can give you a Christian drug rehab center in your hometown. The number is (800)-662-4357.

Overcoming addictions is extremely difficult, but not impossible. The Bible assures us that everything is possible through Christ. A Christian drug rehab center can definitely help towards that direction.


Do you think Christianity makes a significant difference in overcoming addictions?

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