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COVID-19 Conspiracy Theories - True or False

Updated on September 9, 2021
Salma Hassaballa profile image

Salma Hassaballa has produced two documentaries and written books in multiple genres. She is a member of the Egyptian Writers Union.


Our lives have never been the same since the appearance of the novel coronavirus. Since day one, we have started to follow the circulated news about the virus, and as the days passed by, the hypothesis that the virus has been accidentally originated, to some, started to be doubtful.

Circulating Opinions Among Many Believers

Some Believers speculated that the virus is a clear manifestation from Heaven to awaken people from their negligence. Some even predicted that it is one of the early signs of the Doom’s Day. In their view, injustice prevailed, the number of the needy is escalating and the gaps between people's standards are getting wider, crimes are brutally committed without punishing the perpetrators, and genocides are legalized. The holy texts mentioned many narratives about tribes who were punished by natural disasters due to their wrong deeds. So having this pandemic shattering our lives today, for them, makes no wonder.

Other believers think that it is a part of the test, for, in their view, God has granted us life to test our faith and values, and as we all know, in the hard times, people act according to their nature. When they are scared or under stress, they can’t hide their intents; and their essence appears through their actions.

Conspiracy Theories

Other people adopted various conspiracy theories which they are very keen to send back and forth, circulating them without any attempt for evaluation.

COVID-19 is Nonexistent

It was said that the virus is like any other benign virus and that the exaggeration of its risks is made in favor of the ‘elites’ or the ‘leaders’ to have more control over the populations! I wonder how those who believed in this claim overlooked the news and the escalating number of patients around the world. Perhaps to them, it is a state of denial.


Others agree that because the virus’s harmful effect is selective, then it must have been released from a laboratory rather than being naturally-occurring. This is done to get rid of the less productive people, who are the “elderly.”
However, if we look more closely at that claim, we will find that old people, naturally, are the most vulnerable to any infection, virus or disease; this is the cycle of life that no one can avoid or change. So concluding that the elderly are the most inflicted then the virus must have been implemented is not enough evidence to prove the conspiracy.

Implanting Trackable Microchips in Human Bodies

Another widely-spread theory links COVID-19 to Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates. The propagators of this theory say that COVID-19 is a part of Gate’s “sinister” plot. People who adopt this theory believe that Gates is involved in the virus invention to implant microchips in billions of people via a COVID-19 vaccine in order to monitor their movements. The Italian politician Sara Cunial, for instance, accused Gates of being guilty of crimes against humanity before the Italian parliament

Italian politician Sara Cunial accuses Bill Gates

Up till now, no one has shown real evidence for these allegations. In my view, there is no need to implant a microchip under the skin for surveillance; our cell phones can quite easily do the job. Some people take this idea a step further; they believe that the microchip will give the plotters the ability to control people’s heads by receiving signals via satellites and passing them instantly to their brains. The goal, according to them, is taking away people’s free will to end up like puppets in the perpetrators’ hands.
I totally doubt this view; in fact, I find it hard to imagine even in the latest Hollywood features. I think that in order to have full control over the human brain; scientists have to have comprehensive information about it. However, many aspects of the brain remain a mystery; even the most eminent neuroscientists haven’t fully understood the brain. Up till now, no one knows how consciousness is produced, even curing diseases related to mental health disorders like schizophrenia or diseases related to brain atrophy, like dementia, are still a challenge.

On the other hand, the life of a conspirator doesn’t fit with Bill Gate’s biography. The man spent years of his life investing to promote fighting climate change endangers, help employment, supporting U.S. education, and global health by increasing access to vaccines and medicines for people who need them around the world. Sadly, it seems that Bill Gates is blamed for creating the COVID-19 virus because he has been warning against pandemics for a while!

Pharmaceutical Companies Accused

Other circulating conspiracy theories claim that the COVID-19 virus is spread by big Pharma companies to sell their medicine or vaccine that they would later introduce to the world

COVID-19 is a Biological Weapon

‘China did it’ is another theory that may be plausible to some. The virus clearly started in Wuhan, China. The city of Wuhan has two highly-advanced virus labs - and those two labs have been studying a great deal about coronavirus strains. One of the labs is the only one in the whole of China with the highest level of bio-security (level4) - which means they were uniquely authorized to do high-risk virus experiments. It looks like COVID-19 virus escaped either accidentally or deliberately from one of the freezers located at one of those two labs.
On the other hand, others think that the virus is indeed a biological weapon that is used in a silent war between China and the United States; they argue that the US military brought the virus to Wuhan, and China responded by sending the ‘modified’ virus back to the US. A Journalist claimed that Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act —known as the CARES Act—was introduced as a bill to Congress in January 2019! However, Reuters stated that it is partly a false claim

The New World Order

Because it is hard to believe that elected official governments would cause that massive damage and loss to innocent populations, some preferred to accuse an unelected totalitarian world government that is hidden behind the current governments and is composed of sinister influential families, international bankers, and secret societies. These are accused of originating and using the Pandemic in order to increase their grip on the whole world.

Significant News

Certainly, there is unfortunate news that ignited my concerns regarding conspiracy theories. A Coronavirus researcher was killed in Pennsylvania and the guilty committed suicide! The victim’s supervisor and the head of his department said that shortly before his death, he had begun researching the cellular mechanisms that underlie coronavirus infections and the cellular basis of ensuing complications. He also added that the victim had just started to receive interesting results and was on the verge of making very significant findings

My Evaluation

Despite the sad news, I don’t have sufficient evidence to adopt any of those conspiracy theories that are circulating. But I believe that sooner or later time will expose the truth. The aftermath of the pandemic will reveal to us the perpetrators if existed, who will logically be the beneficiaries. We have to have some patience instead of passing judgments that may wrongfully harm the innocents.

Also, we have to be careful, as during crises feeling insecure drives some of us to react without reasoning. Setting fire to cell towers in Europe or throwing cakes over Bill Gate’s face are examples of irrational actions. Instead of consuming our energy in anger and misplaced revenge, it is better to unite, give a hand, and consolidate to stay safe in this critical period, surely, we all need each other. As a believer, I believe that the pandemic is a crucial part of our life evaluation, and I hope we all successfully pass the test.


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