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Covid-19 - The Greatest Opponent We Will Ever Face

Updated on August 6, 2020
Marko Milutinovic profile image

Marko is a political analyst. He has been following the turmoil of political climate and election conditions around the globe.


Who would have thought that we would be facing this atrocity now? Probably, a very limited number of experts who have warned about the impending pandemic. However, at that point in time, none of the world leaders would have taken the time and commit to such an issue. None of them believed that it was going to happen, or at least if it were to happen that it would have such devastating consequences.

COVID-19 proved them wrong on an unbelievable scale. The response to limiting the outbreak was terrible. Look at Europe and the United States of America. They had a period of two months between the outbreak in China. They were actionless until it started spreading throughout Europe and the United States of America, respectively. However, there is a crucial element of this virus that makes a formidable opponent. Let us look closely at what that is.

Discipline Amid the Pandemic

For the first time in a significant number of years, all of the population have their duties. This virus cannot be limited if only a part of the population plays its part. This is not comparable to the war in which you have soldiers fighting the fight. Against COVID-19 we all must lead the charge against it. The problematic part? We have no weapons to fight it with, we have to be defensive and responsible. The latter part - always problematic when it comes to human beings.

We like comfort, it is in our nature. Not to say there is anything wrong with it, except when there is deadly pandemic afoot. When the only thing at our disposal is to be responsible, and to act a certain way, we have to overcome our comfort. We have to leave our comfort zone and be the soldiers of discipline. There are no words with which I can emphasize the importance of such behavior.

Masks - the most important defensive tool at our disposal. The mask is a piece of cloth that prevents infectious droplets from entering our organism and infecting us. We must wear it at all times when we are indoors or unable to maintain the needed social distance. The distance is important as well because at a distance of about one and a half meters or six feet it is harder for the droplets to enter our organism. Of course, the bigger the distance the better but we should at least try to maintain the aforementioned one.

This of course has further implications. We cannot hug and kiss our loved ones or for that matter hang out in large groups of friends. This is why this virus is so formidable. COVID-19 attacks our way of life. We have to abandon the things we previously took for granted. It is hard, especially for our mental health. However, we should take a different approach to it. We should not consider it a burden, but a necessity. As soon as we implement this type of behavior the sooner we can get our old lives back. If we drag our feet we will just prolong the suffering that we have to endure.


New Zealand Solution

The perfect example is New Zealand. First of all, the lockdown was implemented thoroughly and effectively. Restrictions lasted for about a month, and they produced results. All of them have now been lifted. They were strict restrictions compared to most of the countries. Social interactions were impossible outside of individuals homes. That measure was accompanied by others, such as the only open business were grocery stores, pharmacies along with the hospitals.

Furthermore, they succeeded in something very limited number of countries did. They managed to communicate their message to their citizens. In that aspect, they were able to educate their public. During this battle, education is the key to success. They had their aim, and that was the elimination of the virus from their country. One would say overly ambitious and impossible task. However, New Zealand proved them wrong, having managed just that within their borders. It must be noted that this messaging was successful because they had daily PM briefings, and they prioritized health above all else.

Another aspect that has been vital and which is present in every county that has been able to contain COVID-19 is testing. The testing was brought up to speed, which enabled them to conduct active tracing. Finally, New Zealand followed the recommendations of the World Health Organization down to a tee. This kind of behavior is essential in battling this disease. You have to listen to the medical professionals and let the politics take a back seat. We have seen too many countries that have put politics in a privileged position during COVID-19. Doing that is a gameplan for a disaster.

All of this combined was a winning solution. So the country was able to ease back to normal life. As a cherry on the top, they started organizing public gatherings, even going as far as having fans on the stands during recent sport manifestations.


The Will to Beat COVID-19

We must make compromises to our way of life for the time being. Furthermore, we must reject all of the lies and misinformation headed our way, not only that but also we must educate people close to us who might not be willing to compromise. It is of the utmost importance that we all follow the medical recommendations. It is the only way we will be able to save lives, at least until the vaccine arrives.

It is not that hard to wear a mask or keep a social distance. We can, and we must do it to prevent further catastrophes. Think of a mask as your new accessories. You will be able to have an additional item with which to make fashion statements. After a while, you will get used to it, and it will not be a problem for you.

We must find the will from within us to conquer this atrocity. I know it is hard not being able to hug or kiss our loved ones, but just think what it will be like when it is all over. The emotion all around the globe will be present after we beat COVID-19, the greatest opponent we will ever face. It is going to be an unbelievable feeling. Furthermore, we will enjoy every aspect of our old lives with more understanding than ever before. The whole world will become one giant party. Hopefully, the new world will be filled with respect and compassion towards one another. That is what we must have in mind in these challenging times, and work together towards this goal. Hopefully, we will be out of the woods sooner rather than later. Besides, it would be important that we learned some lessons out of this whole ordeal. As to what those lessons should be, there will be plenty of time to discuss that once we beat this atrocity, known as COVID-19.

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