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Cabin Fever Cure

Updated on December 20, 2017
Snowed in cabin
Snowed in cabin

Winter Depression

It happens. The weather turns poor and there is nothing you would like better than to sit in the sunshine and soak in some rays. It happens to a lot of people. Cabin fever has been around for centuries. There is actually clinical psychologists who acknowledge this disorder and attemp to treat it.

My advice is nothing more than thoughts I have. In no way are they to be considered professional advice, but they are things that I have found that help when I feel like I'm closed in.

Avoid the Visual Reminders

Leave the television off. Turn on some happy music and re-arrange your living room. The work is satisfying and physical. You will be cleaning up your room, you'll find that sock that managed to make its way under the sofa, and the edges of your home that are usually hidden away behind the furniture will be able to get a good vacuuming. Dance around and sing with the radio or your favorite CD.

Revisit your Youth

Another way to make yourself feel better is to bring your childhood back into your life. If your mom baked cookies in the winter then the smell of fresh baked cookies will make you remember those happy times and you will begin to have happy thoughts again. Ah, yes, remember mom's chocolate chip walnut cookies. Wasn't it fun to decorate the Christmas cookies with your own special touch?

Expose Yourself

A third method of making yourself feel happier when you feel shut in is to put on your coat, your boots and warm hat and gloves and brave the outside chill. There is nothing like feeling the crisp clean sting of the winter air to liven up your mood. I promise, if you do this it will brighten you up. Make a snow angel or fort. If you have kids this is the perfect bonding moment. Even if you don't have kids call the neighbors over to help you out. Snowball fights are fun no matter what age you are.

The Science

The holiday season depresses many people. There are not enough UV rays coming through the winter clouds and it causes sadness in people. You could consider buying a sunshine light bulb. They can be found at any home store for a few dollars. Just improving the lighting inside your home can improve your mood and your demeanor. You will begin to feel the cheeriness of the summertime through the bright lighting in your home.

Do Something

Do you have a creative streak? Write a book, or start a journal of your feelings or your memories or of some imaginary friend from your childhood. Knit a sweater or paint a picture. Get some modeling clay and create the next masterpiece.

Stay Busy

The entire concept here is to keep yourself busy. When you sit and do nothing then you have more time to think about how much you are not able to do. By finding activities that you can have fun with you will be less likely to dwell on those things that are impossible, like sunning in your bikini in 20 degree temperatures.

Keep busy, keep smiling, and don't let the winter months get you down. Before you know it the flowers will be peeking out through the mud and muck and spring will be right around the corner. Unless, of course, you live at the North Pole, but that has a whole another set of issues, doesn't it?


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