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Baby and Cesarean operation step by step delivery

Updated on May 12, 2020
Cesarean Birth
Cesarean Birth

Scheduled cesarean delivery

You go to the hospital on the day that you have scheduled with your Doctor. After you enter the hospital full studies are made for your heart, blood type ect. Then you have some time to clean yourself, shave and go to rest room (enema may be performed to clean your intestines). On the scheduled time you enter the operational room. Anesthesia is performed from anesthesiologist, could be epidural or spinal. General anesthesia is placed in very rare cases. The baby is removed within 5 min after the start of surgery because anesthesia is important not to reach the fetus. While you Doctor continue working on sewing you up you can see and enjoy your precious baby. It takes about 40 minutes to stitch the wound. Initially, the mother does not feel anything, but after anesthesia begins to pass, the pain increases. The first movement of pain begins about ten hours after surgery. Although you will feel ill, you should not get lazy but try to walk as soon as you can. By this way you will speed up your recovery. Care must be taken to the workload of the abdomen because the wound is too fresh. If no medical reasons, you'll go home after 1-2 days. The stitches are removed somewhere on the seventh day after surgery. You can take shower but tried not to wet the wound after the seventh day you can take full shower and stitches will remove themselves slowly from the water.

Pelvic Health & Childbirth: What Every Woman Needs to Know
Pelvic Health & Childbirth: What Every Woman Needs to Know
This book--the first of its kind--gives women the vital information they need to understand symptoms, find treatment, and weigh their childbirth options. Among the topics discussed are advances in labor and delivery, the politics of childbirth, the anatomy and function of the pelvic floor, the wide range of symptoms resulting from damage to the pelvic floor, types of treatment available, and the option of elective cesarean birth.

Real Story for Scheduled cesarean delivery

I choose the hospital and the obstetrician. Is was no different to that of a woman having a natural birth - except that I had a date for the cesarean and knew my baby's birthday in advance!!

Plus I had no anxiety about pain and labor. We decided to book the cesarean for 39 weeks or pregnancy. So I got to the hospital two hours early. I was monitored by midwives and get to meet my anesthetist. He gave me a local anesthetic in my spine before giving me spinal block, which numbed me from my stomach down. Then in exactly 5minutes, my boy was born. He was checked out by the pediatrician, washed, wrapped in a blanket and I get to hold him while they stitched me up. The procedure is absolutely painless. I felt some tugging as they get the baby out. Actually the pain was before the operation during the spinal block but it is not something to worry about because it is not that intense. The whole procedure took about one hour, plus then I was in recovery for half an hour. During that recovery time I was a little cold but extremely happy that everything had passed. Hour latter I had his first breastfeed. Of course I didn’t have milk yet but we all got closed and try to bond with each other. The first night I still had the catheter and drip in and I stay in bed. The next day they removed catheter and drip, so I could get up. First time out of bed, it hurt like hell on my wound. But I had to stand up and try to walk. As fast as you start walking as fast you will heal. Ask for pain relieve and keep moving. Try not to do much housework, no driving for 6 weeks, don’t lift stuff. Pain is usually bad when you get in and out of bed so it is good to have some reclining chair to rest. Everything was gone in a week even the stitches fall down in the shower.

If I get pregnant again I will choose cesarean because I was in control of the labor. Didn’t have any worries or anxious plus I was awake during it completely involved in the birth and it hasn't affected my ability to breastfeed or bond with my baby.

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Cesarean or normal birth remains your choice.

This question raises a lot of controversy and debate among mothers. It makes no sense to persuade you that one is better than others, because each person is individual and have no precise formula about it. If doctors have told you that you should necessarily give birth by cesarean, then there is nothing to doubt. If you have any problems that may impede the normal labor, then it remains your choice.

Cesarean or Natural Labor which one whould you choose to have?

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