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Is there a Cure for Cancer - Vitamin D and Calcium Deficiency

Updated on March 3, 2014

Deficiency in Calcium and Vitamin D?

Meaning, your calcium levels work hand and hand with your Vitamin D intake. Your body requires Vitamin D to absorb calcium and D is essential to build strong bones when young and keep strong bones when older. A strong bone density reading depends on Vitamin D. Levels.

We should all know what to ask our doctors to test us for. We should all know our vitamine D levels. On your next physical ask your doctor to test you for:

  • Vitamin D test 25 Hydroxy D
  • Hormone Levels




  • Cholesterol
  • Blood Sugar

It has been written, we change our brains we change our body. There are five types of brains. We have to find out what type of brain we have. Once we pin point our unique brain we eliminate all non essential sugar and carbs and fructose and food coloring. Anything that has white sugar in it. White bread, white spaghetti, macaroni.

We need to eat the colors of the rainbow. No, No, not the skittles or chuckles, but on the contrary, blueberry's, banana's, apples and carrots. We need to feed our brains less animal fat because animal fat actually sends signals to the brain allowing our brain to think our body is hungry.

How much Vitamin D should I have.

A regiment of only 200 IU a day is recommended by the FDA. Actually this standard is very, very, very low. Vitamin D is a powerful hormone. It regulates your cells and organs throughout the body. Vitamin D comes from the sun. We all know that. But, did you know that the sunscreen we use actually blocks the ultraviolet rays that are beneficial for you to achieve your natural dose. Less sun more cancer. UVA lotions should not be used all the time. Sun exposure is beneficial. Fifteen minutes a day is sufficient for a daily dose of D. Once you have achieved your quota, than apply it if you may.

Do you absorb Vitamin D from the Sun?

There are some people that do not absorb vitamin D from the sun no matter how long they dwell in it. This is why it is important to get your calcium and D levels checked by your doctor. Get to know yourself so you can justify your time in the sun. I work out side all day in the good weather and my levels are low and I don't wear sunscreen. With this said, I have to supplement twice as much in the winter. By doing this my attention span is better, my clarity is charmed and my life still feels purposeful.

High doses are shown to zap cancer cells.

Vitamin D actually activates your immune system. Dark skin people need to take more vitamin D supplements. Children and expectant moms can take D without incident. It strengthens teeth, boosts athletic ability, fights colds and flues and high doses has been proven to zap cancer cells (it has an alarming positive effect on the number two cancer killer, colon cancer).


Supplement with Vitamin D.

Supplements are the best source, 2000 for kids and 4000 for adults daily. You can even take much more when fighting off cold and feeling fatigued, run down and depressed. From the standpoint of media, when is the last time you heard that a child over dosed on vitamin D. My 96 year old Aunt had a discussion with my family on her experience with it. Her doctor prescribed much more than the FDA recommendations, thousands upon thousands. She followed his prescribed recommendation and revealed to us that she feels like a kid again.

Vitamin D is in a class by itself.

Vitamin D regulates your cells system and organs throughout the body. Heart disease hypertension stroke and cancer are associated with D deficiency. No flew shot, no problem if you supplement with D. It actually activates your immune system. Now, why don't we know this. Hmmmmmmmmm

If vitamin D were a drug its benefits would be most popular.

Watch this video explaining the truth about Vitamin D:

  • helps zap cancer cells
  • regulates cells, systems and organs throughout the body it works by turning your genes on and off
  • is a steroid hormone
  • comes from the sun, sun block keeps out beneficial UVB rays that make vitamin D.
  • activates your immune system
  • strengthens teeth

Don't take my word for it. Watch and learn.

One hundred million Americans have vitamin D deficiency..

Dr. Oz talks about vitamin D:

  1. one of the best sources in enhancing your immune system
  2. it becomes a helpful hormone in our body, fighting cancer
  3. it is free comes directly from the sun (the best source) 10-15 minutes direct sunlight a day when the shadow you cast is shorter than you = 10,000 IU. Dark skinned people must spend at least 1 hour a day under the suns
  4. test for vitamin D/25 hydroxy levels should be above 50
  5. is fat soluble (your fat sucks it up and takes it out of your system, so if you are overweight chances are you are deficient.

Talking about the benefits.

The body can cure itself from all disease if given the proper nutrients.

DNA (the body’s blueprint to cure itself) works to turn calcium to a substrate of calcium and will only repair the body when the body fluids are full of calcium and therefore alkaline.

This is why many diseases are considered to be incurable? as without nutrition, the body remains acidic and DNA replication is inhibited. Reich grinds his vitamins and sifts the capsules out. His regimen?

  • 3 coral calcium(1.5gm),
  • 2 D’s (5000iu each),
  • 6 multivitamins (one-a-day),
  • 1 magnesium citrate,
  • 2 C’s (60 mg each),
  • 1 E (500iu) and
  • 10 mg cesium chloride.

He recommends coral calcium from Okinawa. To locate these products 928-684-4458

A doctor's point of view.

Even though you need to consume alot of food to reach your daily supply of Vitamin D, every little bit helps too.

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