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Calculate your calories needed... Keep yourself more focused

Updated on January 8, 2018

Take one step more towards your goal by knowing how much calories you need in a day. It is a vital part of healthy eating. Do not ignore this.

You need to know your calories needed according to your physical activity level. Estimate your calorie need .Plan your meals according to it. Spend more calories than you take everyday. Do it everyday and it will yield great results for you.

Guideline to calculate your calories needed per day :

1. Your Weight : Measure your body weight in kilograms. If you know it in pounds no problem.Just divide by 2.2 to convert to kilograms.

2. Your BMR (basal metabolic rate) : You need about 1 cal of energy per kilogram to keep yourself alive for an hour. This is also known as BMR.

Calculate your BMR for whole day just by multiplying your body weight in kg by 24.

  • Your BMR = Body weight (kg) x 24

This is the minimum amount of calories that you require to keep yourself alive throughout the day.

3. Your Activity Level : See your activity level in the following chart

Light activity
Moderate activity
Heavy activity
1 hour of workout
2 hours or more workout
Household tasks
Running , jogging
High energy sports like sprinting
Light exercises
Heavy work
Playing light games like table tennis etc.
Playing football, basketball etc.
2-3 hours of competitive games like football etc.

4. Your calories needed per day : Depending on your activity level equation for your calorie need goes as follows using BMR you calculated in #2.

  • Light activity : BMR + (50% - 70%) of BMR
  • Moderate activity : BMR + (65% - 80%) of BMR
  • Heavy activity : BMR + (90% - 120%) of BMR

This will give you a calorie range that is your calorie needed per day.


1. The minimum amount of calories that a man should consume in a day is 1600 calories and for adolescent girls is about 1400 calories per day.

2. 200 calories per day is a must eat thing for females. In any case you should consume at least this amount to keep yourself healthy.


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