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California Dreaming for me

Updated on August 26, 2014

Maybe this is where I'll finally plant my roots

What was so afraid of?

I think I was always afraid of the "unknown". But it doesn't help it if some people in my past wanted to shoot down any ideas.

Granted as I slowly was getting more people in my life that truly were positive, being in a very creative environment, alot of people I knew started moving out to California.

Well alot of people I know are many different types of artist, so they figured California is a good place to be.

Mind you, I know you can make and do art anywhere so I really didn't think I had to see the need to go to California.

But in my younger years I actually didn't wanted to go, but maybe it was fear or some people that were around me who were so miserable with themselves they never wanted to see me happy so they would indeed try to stop anything I ever wanted to do with my life that was creative.

I think because some people were stuck in jobs in their way of lives they didn't want to see other people succeed in their lives so all they did was put people down.

So I learned to stay away, far far away from people like that.

Sometimes life you need a "cleansing" and the best thing to do, is if you get a chance try to move a little bit around in life and try to see what places you would like to try to live.

If things don't workout you can move and see where you want to plant roots for yourself.

Everything turned out to be a sheer blessing in my life.

Things that didn't workout in my past, was for a very good reason.

If things didn't workout the way they did I wouldn't even think about going to California, so indeed I thank God and the Universe that they did me a big favor by "not" letting past things work out, because now my eyes are WIDE OPEN to see the much bigger picture.

Yes. I do know indeed, with any state, that you may think it would be a nice vacation place until you live there, so I am going with the understanding that in California, not everything is going to be a "vacation", so I do realize that too.

I think the biggest reason of all I want to move to California, there will be no more winters.

I want to be in the middle of a place where it is going to be nice and toasty warm in the middle of December with no more cold and no more snow ever.

I am not bound to any piece of property or tied to any relationship, so I can get up and go when I want.

I do have to finish a couple things here and one is a film, that I intend to see until the end.

I just don't want to be in the middle of the snow up to my knees anymore.

I like the sun and I like walking around in the most simple wardrobe, flip flops, shorts and a t-shirt or the fact that I could be near a pool or a beach wearing a bathing suit.

With things I'm doing, I am building up my own business where I know as I get stuff together I could move anytime I want because the type of business would make it that much easier for me to do so.

The other thing I been slowly doing is getting rid of more stuff more and more, so it would make the move to California much easier.

I am not going to take any furniture with me whatsoever so it will be much, much easier and yes, getting rid of things which I really don't need is going to make the transition much easier.

I think as I am getting older, I do know exactly what I want in life.

You can live life in a very simple house and have a car.

I think the most freedom you can have it to have a small house, have that paid off, have a car and have that paid off AND the fact if your smart with your money, not being tied to a mortgage you can do a little bit of shopping for things for yourself. But I tend to think I would like to do a few things with money that is left over.

Don't worry, I believe in prenuptial agreements, since I am working very hard to become success I just want to have myself covered.

I am not going to let people take advantage of me either. I have heard of celebrities who have helped out so many people that they went bankrupt themselves, because I think people kind of made those people feel "guilty" and would come out of the woodwork and kind of put some pressure on a celebrity thinking because the celebrity was a friend of their's, the celebrity owed them something and that is totally wrong.

People try to take advantage of people, so I am self aware of what others have gone through in their lives and I will not let people take advantage of everything I am working hard for.

Take a look at the celebrities when they gave all their money away and was broke afterwards, not many people were around for them then, so indeed I am very aware to keep my "head" on my shoulder and be guarded about that.

It is good to work hard and climb your own ladder from the ground up. Nothing is wrong with, if you start out with nothing because you have everything to gain.

it is good for yourself to be independent and to rely on yourself "first" because any significant other that does come into your life, will know that you aren't going to be with them because of their money because you will already be set with your own.

I think in life, the love of your life will become you partner and will grow with you. Neither one of you would push another person under the bus and will be there in good times and in bad times and face whatever lies ahead.

I know with myself I am not going to settle. I am indeed a work in progress and will keep working on things to improve myself each day.

There is nothing wrong when you want to become successful in your own way.

I think when you have something special inside of yourself and you know you were meant for much more in life, you keep going and when the success comes your way you just have to still keep your head on your shoulders, still remember all that you did to get to where you are standing and make sure you stand tall and proud.

So I am dreaming of California, the warm glow from the sun, the sand between my toes, a bikini, and a nice cool drink which doesn't have to have alcohol or maybe some nice Oolong Tea in my hand on sand in the middle of winter where I shall never feel the feel of the winter cold ever again


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