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Calming Anxiety

Updated on January 11, 2016
Calming Anxieties
Calming Anxieties | Source

Tipps For Calming Anxieties

Calming Anxiety

Calming Music To Listen To

Calming Anxiety

In the United States alone calming anxiety is not an unknown word anymore , as it was 20 years ago, and learning how to calm anxiety has changed how Americans deal with their daily stress of having an Anxiety Attack or Panic Attack. I hope to somehow calm your anxieties for about 3 minutes while you listen to my writing. I bet you never heard that one before, why because I am on anxiety medicine and though this Xanax is not uncommon to most folks out there in the world, it does not work on it's own.One has to take in effect that you must change your lifestyle to prevent severe anxiety.

I wrote an article a day a go that gave me great anxiety and I decided not to publish it then I decided I would re-word the article. Re-write the article would be more appealing to the masses and still holding it's weight in being a good article, so I calmed my anxiety while re-writing this article on a drink I am not too sure about for children and re-wrote it to a point I could feel calm and collective about. I now feel at ease and that I did not mention my thoughts , yet the professional thoughts of a government agency.I felt ok with that, I have my own beliefs in products I promote , with most of my writings being posted to a blog , in return revenue from a manufacturer. I felt an un-easiness about promoting something I possibly did not fully believe in and that is the line I just ran into with promoting, so I am going to try to avoid it. Just like Anxiety when one has it they avoid a situation that promotes anxiety. The calming Anxiety part of avoidance is not good, one must head on into that anxiety circle head first and break the cycle, or it will eat at your heart and therefore produce an anxiety attack or panic attack.

I am not going to write how an an anxiety attack occurs , I am going to tell you how to calm anxiety in the work place and at home or in a restaurant, not avoid the places.If you are reading this you are waiting for some answers because you may be on medication or not on medication for panic. The Doctors out there are split as to what you should do. Turn on your radio and find some new age music if at work or find it on the Internet for starters, do it now, even if you are in your car , and your about to have to be in an stressful anxiety promoting situation, .Let your emotions tune into the nice quite sounds of a trumpet or synthesizer that is playing in this new age music, it will have a calming effect on you. I would then grab a glass of ice cold water, and for get all your pressures for just 3 minutes, wherever you are. No Internet surfing, no typing just take time out for you.The feeling I am trying to push on you is a sub conscous feeling as if you count from 10 to one in your Head and each time you count down you tell your self I am feeling more at ease with every count down, then when you hurry up to one, because that is what you will do, re-count back again and you will do it right. OK.

How do you calm anxiety when you experience it almost all the time, you need medication, is what I say because I have been there, It helps to believe in God if you are a Christian, it really does help to believe in something more powerful than any one or thing.On medication I have panic episodes , the good thing is I can calm down faster than without it, so find you a Doctor that will give you something for calming anxieties ,it's OK, he may say it's addicting and to not drink with it,and I have found in studying people, that they don't take their medicine right, they may have a drink or two, and take their medication and have a system in which works for them, yet from experiences with hospitals and Doctors it has taken me 20 years to understand what it means to take this medicine as directed.If you were like me and had a few drinks,and knew you could take your medicine when the stresses were about to happen and be alight, you are throwing off your system ,and yes it will work for a while, a long while, then it will hurt you.It just might put you in the hospital and take your little pills away because you drank alcohol with it. Then your in a mess, because you didn't do it all the time, yet to a physician , they will not look at it this way.

Calming anxiety is a change in lifestyle , you must slow your brain down, listen to slower playing "Sade" type music , kick back for time of your own, get the kids out of the house and you need time just for yourself. This disease is not a fun one, and it strikes more women than men, yet new reports are coming out that men just drink to calm their anxieties to calm down instead of seeking help for the panic attacks .

If you can, start learning a new instrument like guitar or get you a keyboard,you would be amazed at how good you are and the stress that music takes away from you really does work, whether your playing hard rock or something mellow, I believe it's a great calming for anxiety.You can buy those subliminal tapes that have the deep mans voice in them and the graceful music , and they help, I had a hard time with them, yet the whole purpose to the audiotapes are to get you to lay down and be calm, so in effect they work.

Anxiety is hard to combat, I know I have had them since I was 16 and did drugs and drank for most of my adult life trying to get rid of them. I am now at peace in my 40s , I am very aware of how a panic attack is and how embarrassing they are to have. With some help and not just psychology, I mean drugs help,it is a mental disorder to deal with. I hope you seek help form your medical doctor, not all have to go to a Psychiatrist , they are very expensive, and there are some doctors that hand these pills out like candy,use your head, because calming anxiety just means one thing, and you are very intelligent and have things in your head telling you otherwise.Most intelligent people have anxieties so your in a smart class of the population, they just won't admit it, you will.Calming anxieties is a learned approach to living stress free even for a little while , but can be a task to live every day in this manner, yet all is possible with help.

Christopher Hyer2.21.2011


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