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Caloric Cycling With The EODD Diet: The Easiest Dieting In The World

Updated on May 4, 2011

Help I'm Stuck Being Fat!

I climbed on the scales, I don't know why since it is always the same story, a little more weight, or at the least none lost. Even when I muster the courage to stick with a diet it all seems to cruise along just fine for the first few days and then it all comes to a screeching halt. The scales stop going down, and the discouragement starts rising. Wouldn't it be great if there was a better way? Well, there is. There is the world's easiest diet technique. It is so easy that the Internets number one diet Weight Loss 4 Idiots developed its entire weight loss program around this concept. The great thing about caloric cycling is that it specifically targets fat and not muscle so it is great not only for those that just want to lose the gut, but it works great for those that want more muscle definition.

The Nuts and Bolts of Calorie Cycling

The idea behind caloric cycling is that the body, in its ever searching way to survive, adapts quickly to the changes in its diet. In other words our body takes notice when we reduce its caloric intake and it adjusts its metabolism in order to compensate for the lost calories. Our bodies think that we are always on the verge of starving and that is why they pack on the fat. Of course in this day and age we are far from the verge of starving, but no one told our DNA that. Thus we get fatter and fatter and when we try to lose weight that darn body panics and slows the metabolism in order to preserve its horde of fat.

I know, I know, I too would like to tell my DNA a thing or to, and whoa, I can. The way to do it is to mix up your calorie intake by cycling through different eating scenarios. You can go to if you want to see a complicated example of this method.

Lose Weight And Still Eat At McDonald's?

Well, not every day, but there is a new diet that is gaining popularity on the internet that takes the idea of caloric cycling and give it a new twist. Instead of just changing that amount of calories you eat it adapts this caoric fluctuation by creating feed days and burn days. Days in which you can enjoy eating with in certian limits and days you burn fat. The upshot is a very easy diet to lose weight with. And you can lose it suprisingly fast. Actually there are three different caloric cycling diets included with this diet and they all provide an easy way to diet, in fact it is called the easiest diet in the world for a reason.

One day you'll be eating super-healthy high-protein foods that are easy to fix. The next day you'll “rotate” and eat other tasty foods like...

  • Pasta dishes
  • Burgers
  • Sandwiches
  • Snacks
  • Pizza
  • Even Desserts!

Whatever you want...and yes, you'll still lose weight. In fact, our mind-blowing system DEMANDS you eat high-calorie foods! The fat-burning power will not be unleashed without it.



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Check out the "easiest diet in the world" right now!

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    • Christian Walker profile image

      Christian Walker 8 years ago from Maryland

      I agree, switching it up keeps the metabolism high and the body off guard. This principal holds true even for gaining muscle mass. Always doing the same sets of exercise will cause the body to stop developing muscles.


    • profile image

      Scott.Life 8 years ago

      Interesting stuff, I have often found the best method is to constantly switch up routines and eating habits, never allowing the body time to adapt as you pointed out.