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Calorie Counting--Does it Work?

Updated on July 31, 2014

How Calorie Counting Fits Into Your Diet

Dieting is not easy, and it can be frustrating when your diet does not succeed. Even when you eat healthy and nutritious foods, there is a danger that you may eat too much and still not lose weight. Before you start your diet, you should employ dieting strategies to keep you from over-eating so you can avoid these frustrations.

There are many ways to keep your attention on what and how much you are eating. One of the most successful methods is calorie counting. It may sound like a hassle, but there are strategies to fit it into your lifestyle that will make it work for you.

Electronic Calorie Counters

You do not have to do the math in your head. Use an electronic calorie counter to figure out how many calories are in different foods. There are many different kinds.

Portable electronic calorie counters are usually considered pedometers that calculate how many calories you are burning while you exercise. It is important to track this information to compare the amount of calories you are using to the amount of calories you are consuming. You can use this information to track changes in your activities and alter your habits accordingly. Popular versions are made by Oregon Scientific, Omron, and Bowflex.

Even better are calorie counters that keep track of the calories in different foods. This gives you a reference every time you cook, snack, and eat out at restaurants, as to how many calories you are consuming. A popular version is from Coheso, which also calculates the calories you burn while exercising.

You can also find calorie counters online that will help you calculate both the calories you are burning and the calories you are eating. My Food Diary is a service that helps you keep track of this online. You can access services like this online and usually on your mobile phone, and there are also free versions of online calorie counters.

Plan Out Meals Ahead of Time

Set aside a time daily, weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly to regularly plan out your meals. Planning out your meals will help you confine your grocery shopping to the healthy foods that you need to cook and prepare your meals. This will limit the amount of junk food you have laying around the house.

This allows you to count your calories ahead of time instead of having to rush and count calories on the fly. You can use your electronic calorie counter to help you plan your meals. Remember to leave yourself unused calories for healthy snacks in between meals which will keep you from overeating later.

Research Low Calorie Foods that are Dense in Nutrition

The more nutrition you get out of your food, the more satisfied your body will be with the food you eat. By improving your overall feeling of well being, you will be more motivated to stick to your diet and have more energy for exercise. Research will reveal that that there are many surprisingly satisfying food choices that are low on calories.

Exercise, is of course the surest way to keep yourself in peak health. The more you exercise, the more calories you will burn, even while at rest. Make sure you keep track of your caloric intake to ensure you are getting enough calories to keep you going as well as meet your wight control goals.

The author is interested in modern-day health solutions and is always on the lookout for high tech ways to lose weight, fitness equipment and gadgets.


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