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Calorie Shifting - The Key to Weight Loss Success

Updated on December 29, 2011
Calorie Shifting
Calorie Shifting

What is Calorie Shifting?

Calorie shifting is the hottest buzz in the weight loss field these days, but many people still don't know how it works. I hope this hub helps to provide some useful information about this simple and effective way to lose weight.

Calorie shifting is a special dieting technique that works by shifting the eating patterns from day to day and thus tricking your metabolism into believing that you're not dieting.

This is not your typical diet. You can keep eating most of your favorite foods and still lose weight.

How Does Calorie Shifting Work?

In order to understand how calorie shifting works, you must understand the importance of metabolism when it comes to weight loss.

Your metabolism plays a significant role in whether or not you can lose weight. Metabolic rate is the speed at which your body uses up calories from the food you eat and turns them into energy. In short, the faster the metabolism, the more calories are being burned up. Your metabolism affects how much food you need, and when. It affects your ability to lose, gain or maintain your weight.

A slow metabolism means that you burn less calories than you should which means that a great portion of the calories you take in are going to be stored in the form of fat to be burned for energy later on. To lose weight it is essential to increase your metabolism.

Calorie shifting is a way to keep your metabolism running at peak performance. By constantly changing what you eat, your body doesn't get used to any routine, which tricks your metabolism into thinking that you are not dieting. That way it doesn't slow down.

The great thing about shifting calories is that you don't feel deprived, because you are allowed to eat a reasonable amount of food (at least 4 meals a day of medium size).

If done corectly, this can be a good way to lose weight.


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    • profile image

      Vince 6 years ago

      Eril, I know Im a year late,but 1, youre baseline may be kind of high.But IDK how active you are. 2, youre not shocking your metabolism enough. Try eating closer to 12 or 1300 on your low days, and closer to 2000 to 2200 on your high days. Try to make your high days the days you do training. And DO NOT do every other day. Mix it up. 2 high, 3 low. 1 high. 1 low. dont make a schedule.

    • profile image

      eril 7 years ago

      i've tried calorie shifting but it doesn't seem to work! help! i'm 15 this year & i exercise/train 3times a week, & the duration of every training is between 3 to 4hours. i use 1950calories as my baseline. so i multiply it by 7, which adds up to 13650calories a week. i've training every tues, thurs & sat. so i range from eating..

      monday - 1600calories

      tuesday- 2100calories

      wednesday- 1700calories

      thursday- 2200calories

      friday- 1800calories

      saturday- 2300calories

      sunday- 1950

      but how come i don't seem to see any results? what did i do wrong? please help! & pls dun say teenagers dont have to worry abt their weight etc, just tell me how about to lose the pounds!

    • profile image

      ella 8 years ago

      i noe ! i feel exactly the same way .

      gotta shed like 10 pounds before school starts .

      im pretty sure it works though .

      cuz my sister`s tried it before !

    • profile image

      dog 9 years ago

      I've really want to lose the pounds, but i don't have the time! I really need to know if the calorie shifting diet works!