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Can Hypnosis Really Make You Lose Weight?

Updated on June 14, 2012
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When Rachael isn't in her studio dyeing yarn (her real job), she's called to her passion for writing, and so here she is : )


Hypnotherapy is fast gaining popularity as a natural and effective way to reduce weight.

With our overweight population expanding (literally) and celebrities and the elite alike raving about the help they have received to reduce and control their weight from professional hypnotherapists, the trend is catching on.

More and more people are willing to try something other than the manic exercise and constant yo-yo diets that have them frustrated and often, heavier than they were before.

If you have never tried Hypnotherapy for weight reduction you might be wondering just how it can possibly make you lose weight.

Well it can’t make you. It’s not a silver bullet that negates the scientific evidence for energy in versus energy out and magically melts the fat away.

But it can quite easily take you to a point where managing that basic calculation is simple, natural, enjoyable and lifelong.

Which is quite different to how you might feel when you are dieting, depriving yourself of certain foods and counting calories.

The problem is diets don’t work.

Sure, you may see improvements while you are following the diet but most of the time, even before you reach your goal weight, you give up. Bored of the food plan, tired of the exercise and feeling as though you are being punished with bland and tasteless food, you go back to your old ways of eating and, most likely, your old way of looking.

But even with the evidence in front of us, that dieting isn't an effective, natural or permanent weight loss solution, it's incredible how millions of us continue to diet, trying to reach that 'special' size and shape we desire.

It is estimated that even out of those who do reach their goal weight only 1% will keep their weight off permanently.

Why is the success rate so low?

Because despite changing what you eat during the diet period, despite making the effort to eat healthier and less, the underlying issues that cause overeating and weight gain haven’t been dealt with so typically, old eating patterns reoccur and the weight slowly returns, often with a few bonus pounds for your trouble.

Diets might encourage weight loss but when you lose something, you normally want to find it again. And you will with most of the 1000s of diets that are out there to try.

In contrast, Hypnotherapy for weight reduction works on the re-programming of the mind. It can help to change the thoughts, behaviours and patterns of those who over eat, and increase motivation for exercise and healthy eating so that they become more compelled to consume appropriate quantities of nutritious food, and engage in the more playful activity.

There are many ways a Hypnotherapist will approach weight reduction sessions but common areas of focus often include eating more mindfully, motivation for exercise, reprogramming negative beliefs and thoughts, improving body acceptance and removing the triggers for emotional eating.

The thing is, we don't overeat because want to put on weight, or just because the food tastes so good. We overeat in an attempt to create, quell or crush a feeling, an emotion.

Think about how often we are given food as children to 'feel better' after falling over or having a meltdown. Or how often food is connected to celebration or gathering together with family and friends.

Likewise, how often have you heard someone claim they need chocolate, or a cake, or even a drink to feel better.

We become conditioned over a sustained period to equate food with feelings but for many, this connection ends up being detrimental to their health and self esteem.

Success With Hypnotherapy For Weight Loss

While Hypnotherapy is extremely effective and safe, it's not a completely passive process.

An important key to success with Hypnotherapy for weight reduction is first having the commitment to letting go of excess weight, then allowing hypnotherapy to anchor that commitment and address the multiple aspects of weight management.

One of the added benefits of working with a good Hypnotherapist is that clients often experience eye opening revelations simply discussing their eating and body history with the right questions helping them to explore underlying issues they may not have considered as being important to their weight loss journey. With these new awareness’, combined with professional hypnotherapy treatment, they can experience amazing results.

After just a few sessions, and sometimes even in the first session, those who are in treatment for weight loss with a Hypnotherapist report feeling less inclined to eat when they're not hungry, are more conscious of what and how much they are eating and more motivated to move their bodies.

The feelings of deprivation are also absent, given Hypnotherapy for weight loss is not about perscribing a set meal plan or asking the client to limit certain foods, and so it is easier to maintain and ultimately, continue for life.

And the best results are in the changes they see in their bodies. Hypnotherapy for weight loss isn't a quick fix, but it is a much more permanent and safe solution that will have you lose the weight slowly but surely.

Weight reduction through Hypnotherapy is completely natural, positive and extremely effective. Clients often can not believe how automatic their new behaviours become and how quickly the Hypnotherapy seems to change how they think and behave in terms of food, exercise and their bodies.

The books below are cheap, and easy to access and are a great starting point for using Hypnotherapy for weight loss. Most of them also come with a CD that you can use each day to start losing weight, along with the written information about how it works and what you should do to get the best results.

If you want more support, more accountability and a personalised solution Google your local Hypnotherapists and make an enquiry about whether they work with weight loss. Some Hypnotherapists specalise in it and will have a much better understanding of all the aspects of weight loss and the emotional elements of it.


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