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Can I change my life style

Updated on February 17, 2015

Well as we all know is that we would like to make a change in our lives, many times we just not sure of how to go about doing this.

Have you ever had a money note in a large amount and you need to get it changed, well you would not go to the small corner store and ask them to change it, where could you go to then, what about the bank they are big enough to hold money in small amounts.

Now what if we wanted to change our home to a bigger one, why go and try to sell it yourself, think of all the problems that could come on you, so you would go to the person who deals in that kind of business.

As you work each day and now you find it hard to get to work and you not happy working there, so you want a change do you go looking yourself or would you go to the person who deals in looking for your new work.

Now you have your money changed, and you have your new home, and you also have your new work, but you seem to be missing something, as you feel that there is still a change that you need to have in your life.

Did you know that God had to make a big change in the way that people were living, because they could not make that change on their own.

So he sent his son Jesus to earth to show and help us to make the change from living as the world was living.

Many do not want to make that change as they feel they need to give up so much, yes we all need to give up our worldly ways and to do this we need to surrender our lives over to Jesus, then the change will take place in our lives.

God has said what we cant do he will do for us.


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