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Can Only Exercise Is Enough In Order To Lose Weight?

Updated on September 28, 2015

Hi Folks, Let’s get started with some hard to digest facts:

  • $22.4 Billion: The combined revenue of health clubs in United Sates in year 2013
  • Sales of fitness trackers will almost be triple in next five years
  • Fitness apps are the highest downloading apps in respective markets
  • Sales of health supplements are keep on soaring without any crisscross

Even after so much awareness towards fitness across the world, why still obesity is one among the major health issue? Why one in every three person is a victim of obesity? After blowing so much sweat in fitness centers why obesity still love to be a part of our society?

Well here is a bitter and scientifically proven truth that you may not digest. I hope you are ready to accept – Exercise alone won’t make you lose weight!

I know how you are feeling but guys this is the truth we have to accept. This is what researchers proven in scientific evidences. Even popular well known trainers also quoted the same when it comes to losing weight.

Yes, I agree with the point that there are number of health benefits doing physical activities like controlling high blood pressure etc. but trust me weight loss is not one of them.


A study published in 2011 by “New England Journal of Medicine” found that people who took only diet experienced greater weight loss than people who combined diet and exercise. Yes, you read correct.

The calorie intake is the only and most crucial factor to determine your health. It's about what and how you are consuming these calories decides your belly size.

What you will say about the experience of Timothy Noakes, who being a daily runner and completing more than 70 marathons in his lifetime developed Type 2 diabetes in late 50's! Just imagine the person's daily activity. Do you still believe that even being involved in such high tense physical activity save you from obesity or diabetes?

You might still be amazed to guess what's the reason behind being victim of Type 2 diabetes of Noakes? Well, excessive sugar consumption and other refined carbohydrates.

It is recommended by “The World Health Organization” that an average adult should not consume more than six teaspoons of sugar in a single day.

So, defining the person health in one word, this is the key guys – Control your sugar consumption. That's it. Full Stop. Period.

Consuming a lot of soft drinks and energy drinks loaded with full of sugar may give me temporary pleasure but in long term it will only lose your pocket bearing expenses of medical treatments.

It's easy to get in a temporary pleasure of taste and energy but you never imagined how this sugar would react in your whole body. I mean folks, do you really like to spend your hard earned money on bearing medical bills or would you like to use the same money to enjoy the real life with your friends and family?

I'm not saying to turn your gym membership off or stop doing any kind of physical activity. That is also very important for your wellbeing. But if weight loss is your goal than you have to re-wire your mind to overcome the misconception that only physical workout will take of your obesity part. It's your diet that you really need to change.

© 2015 Ankur Rawat


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