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Can You Get Pregnant While In Pregnancy

Updated on July 9, 2010

The Details Of Can You Get Pregnant While Pregnant?

 It may not be among your every day concerns but it should be.  I’m talking about getting pregnant while pregnant.  Unlike what many may think or imagine, it is vital that you know that it is not uncommon for this to happen.  Several cases have been reported and this goes to show that couples should know a thing or two about this topic.  To make sure that you avoid some of the outcomes that may result, using protection while pregnant might be a good idea as you seek to plan your family.  The use of condoms might be a necessity to avoid this and many will discover that it is possible to get pregnant while pregnant.

 The media and internet have carried stories of couples that were able to conceive twice.  After they discover they are having a baby, the excited couple makes a doctor’s visit and discovers that there are two heart beats in the womb.  This time the difference between the conceptions could be a few weeks and this is the amazing part.  However, as strange as this may sound, it is not all that uncommon and the following is how it happens.  There are many women who ovulate two times in a single month and this will facilitate such happenings.

 The implantation will happen after the fertilization has taken place.  When there is another egg ready for fertilization and there is the presence of sperm, the same will happen and there can be another conception.  With this, the couple is able to conceive twice within a time difference of weeks.  Since these children are not twins, it is vital to note that they will be born at separate times.  With this in mind, it is also good to mention that this is not very common in society.

 This does not mean that it cannot be your fate.  To make sure that you avoid this, it will be necessary to take caution and use protection even while pregnant to avoid another one.  Unfortunately,  many like to ignore this advice and most people will leave all this to chance and hope that it will not occur.  As shown above, you now know that it is quite possible to get pregnant while pregnant as it is scientifically possible.  For more information on this topic, why not visit your doctor and seek proper advice so that you can make decisions that serve your interests where fertility issues are concerned.


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