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Can chiropractic help during pregnancy?

Updated on February 27, 2013

Get into better shape for your pregnancy

The stresses and strains of pregnancy

The body undergoes much change during pregnancy.

Not only does the body change shape but a change in hormones occurs as well.

During pregnancy, the woman’s centre of gravity shifts forward, placing stress on the low back, pelvis and knees. A misaligned pelvis may reduce room available for the developing baby.

Due to the increase stress on the low back, back pain may result. This may just be a dull ache due to muscles and ligaments stretching and becoming more relaxed under the influence of pregnancy hormones. Or the pain may be more severe. If the lower back becomes unduly stressed pain down the leg may result. This may be either an ache, tingle or sharp pain. This should be investigated further to prevent the occurrence of sciatica.

The pelvis is a ring structure; therefore if there is a misalignment at the front of the pelvis this will distort the shape of the pelvis at the opposing area at the back of the pelvis. Try squashing a hoola-hoop, if you effect one side, you will also affect the opposite side. Any distortion to the pelvic ring has the potential to reduce the room available for the developing baby. For best growth and development baby needs the best environment possible.

Stretching of the front part of the pelvis may result in SPD Symphysis Pubic Dysfunction. This can result in a lot of pain at the front part of your pelvis and in severe cases the inability to be able to walk. Often your doctor will give you crutches to enable you to walk. This can be very disabling especially if you have a young toddler you need to look after.

Can chiropractic care help during pregnancy? Absolutely!

Chiropractic may help to allow for a healthier pregnancy

Chiropractic during pregnancy may:

Reduce pressure on the spine

Improve posture

Help overall well being

Special techniques and/or equipment is used, to avoid extra pressure on the abdomen


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