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Cancel My Subscription...I Don't NEED Anymore Issues!

Updated on November 28, 2008

I don't know if it is because life has become so complicated

 or if we, humanbeings, have just become more screwed-up, mentally devoid, or if we are just more open about things; that back at one time no one would speak about in proper company. Maybe it is because I am close to the subject, so I see and hear things differently now a days. It could just "vogue" right now. It does seem everyone has "issues" these days.

Just when you think you are screwed-up, somebody comes along with a bigger problem. I sometimes believe a lot of it is "one-up-men-ship." You that "oh, you have an issue? Well, I'm more important and I need more attention than you, so I have this wrong with me...." Could it be that I am just growing cynical? But it seems since the advent of Prozac, even the most seemingly "normal" people are now looking for a quick fix and sympathy. Or, maybe all this is due to all the "self-help gurus" telling and convincing you just how much your life is messed up...and this is how you can over come these issues to be better than anyone else. Could this be some sick, twisted way to sell more nonsensically books on how to keep up and surpass the "Jones?" Somebody is taken life and twisting it into this complex, multi-media, science creating a new disease, to sell you more drugs, telling you what a piece of crap you are, for having feelings, and believing your life is O.K. bottom dweller that you really are.

Now I am NOT minimizing the folks out there with real, honest to goodness issues and problems...I know you are out there. And god bless ya for getting, seeking out, or working on the help that you need. This little rant isn't about you. You are working on real and honest causes. This little diddy is more for the folks walking into a doctor whom doesn't really know them that well, and screaming that they have this problem, that problem and like so many doctors now-a-days just whips out his prescription pad and scribbles out the "next big cure" then sends the patient on his way. I know this happens...I know people who have done this. They go in and walk out with a script for an anti-depressant, and every couple months have the doctor up the dosage, because it "just doesn't seem to work anymore."

Why doesn't the dosage work anymore? Because you need more help to work out these issues than just a little white pill. You need a professional, or a support group to really work through the under-lying problem. Oh, wait that would require...ummm..EFFORT...on your part. That would require being open, honest, and direct with others. That would require getting your ass off the couch and actively seeking out help...and let's not forget, that treating the problem just may help you, and than you may not need a prescription the help you "cope" with life quite as often.

Again, I am not bashing the people who truly need pharmaceutical and other help. I am not trying to minimize anybody or their problems or emotional needs...

I am screaming about the big business that has started out being known as the "Prozac Nation" and is a growing out of control. Is this what we want for our nation to be? A bunch of unemotional, unfeeling, free thinking stifled, anti-creative, non-believing in the power of living life to it absolute fullest. I can't imagine a world without feeling, without the clear-minded ability to live, laugh, love and smile. I can't understand why the sudden need in this world is not to be emotional.

I wrote this poem a while back. This was more or less about my observations of this happening, and it fit in the topic that I had just written about....

This is Living?


I give up on emotions.

I don't want to believe in love!

It's all just about people hooking-up.

It's all about money, sex, and anti-depressant drugs.

The only thing that matters is, "How much money do you make?"

Then you get the prettiest girl.

What the hell is wrong with this world?

Oh, for God's f'n sake!

In the end you'll be shallow and empty.

They'll leave you for someone younger and pretty.

Then were will you be?

Left all alone?

Taking the walk of shame- all the way home.

I've seen you laughing!

Well, your not laughing anymore!

So this is life?

You thought it would have given you more?

So, these were you hopes and dreams?

All this is what you left for?

Are you happy now?

Did you get everything that you wanted,

Or does the ghosts of your past, leave you haunted?

Do you wish you could turn back time?

Back to the time, when you still could have been mine.


Copyright 2008, StJames

All Rights Reserved.

Hmmm...I wonder...Could this hint of the truth?

"Your Possible Past" by Pink Floyd


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  • St.James profile imageAUTHOR


    9 years ago from Lurking Around Florida

    Everyone is the intended audience... feel free to step up to the mic and say what you feel like saying. I welcome any and all responses...without censorship.

  • LelahKimball profile image


    9 years ago from USA

    I'm terribly confused right now. Maybe I need a pill of some sort? I'm not sure if I should leave a serious comment or a witty one. Since quite a bit of this made me laugh, or at least brought a smile to me, I'm not sure I'm the intended audience and how to respond. Hmmm.......

  • St.James profile imageAUTHOR


    9 years ago from Lurking Around Florida

    Happy you all could stop by... as far as Pink Floyd, the Final Cut was a very underrated album. I thought it was brilliant.

    I do have a problem with the new "Over-Medicated America" I live in. It seems that now a days, companies are making up diseases for drugs thaey create... who woulda thought of "restless leg syndrome?"

  • Frieda Babbley profile image

    Frieda Babbley 

    9 years ago from Saint Louis, MO

    I love all Pink Floyd has to offer, but I have to say The Final Cut is amazing and does something to me emotionally all the way through, tears and everything.

    Unfortunately, pills are overused and certainly don't also come with a prescription for a visit or two with a phsychologist. Unfortunately, and I think you hit on this in a way, those who use and grab for them who could really be solving their problems in other ways make a bad name for those who do need the help of a "happy" pill (which if you really need it should be making you feel normal, not oddly and continually happy).

    Great topic for conversation. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  • k@ri profile image

    Kari Poulsen 

    9 years ago from Ohio

    It does seem that alot of people are looking for an easy out...and alot of doctors are willing to help them along. Not feeling can be a relief, but I agree with you...It doesn't solve the issue that made you want to not feel in the first place.

    The Prozac Nation sounds like a bunch of zombies...looking to suck the life's blood from us. If I could give up, I guess I could join...but I have kids to raise.

  • imadork profile image


    10 years ago from St. Peters, MO

    I was gonna leave a comment about Tom Cruise and his total lack of empathy for people that have real problems for which they need psych meds and the fact that you at least say that your rant does not include those people. 

    Then as I scrolled down to leave the aforementioned comment I saw the Pink Floyd song from The Final Cut and my ADD-rattled mind was blown away.  The Final Cut seems to be the least mentioned Pink Floyd album but I believe it is one of their best.  I rank it number 2 behind The Wall. (maybe number 3 cuz I am torn between Wish You Were Here and The Final Cut for the number 2 spot)


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