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Surviving Stage IV Cancer

Updated on May 19, 2016

The Information is Out There

The Internet makes it easy to share information with people from all over the world. There are a number of online testimonials from survivors who've, somehow, beaten Stage IV cancer.

If they had listened to the sobering statistics, they probably wouldn't be here today. But because they didn't, they're alive and well. Now, they are eager to spread the word that cancer doesn't have to be a death sentence.

Unfortunately, though, this message still isn't reaching everyone. Each year, millions of people around the world die from cancer. The vast majority of patients still undergo conventional treatments that aren't going to be curative.

Most patients (about 75 percent) discover their cancer only after it's spread. Yet, it's widely known among oncologists that standard treatments will probably not save their lives. Chemotherapy is largely ineffective against metastatic breast, prostate, colon and lung cancer. It's virtually useless against brain tumors and pancreatic cancer. Yet, even under those circumstances, patients are still treated with toxic drugs that have devastating side effects.

However, some of the brave people who've bucked the system have a different story to share. After cleaning up their diets and overhauling their lifestyle, their health has returned.

The Radical Remission Project

Are you surprised? You shouldn't be, because the body has a remarkable ability to heal itself, if it's given the proper tools.

Do you know someone with cancer? If you do, please tell them that other people, even those once considered "terminal," have recovered.

The growing number of survivors has come to the attention of one researcher named Kelly Turner, PhD., who launched the Radical Remission Project. She looks for common threads behind the recoveries. This information is compiled into a book so others interested in alternative treatments have a blueprint.

Surviving terminal cancer.
Surviving terminal cancer. | Source

An Integrated Cancer Approach

Dr. Turner's website notes that documented cancer cases are sometimes resolved without conventional care, or with an integrated approach of conventional and alternative. This also happens after standard medical care has failed, and the patient embarks upon a new path.

The purpose of her website, she explains, is to compile a database to better understand who and why this happens.

The site explains that one of the project's goals is to eventually conduct scientific studies that will help determine how often complete recovery from an otherwise "terminal" disease occurs.

Dr. Turner, a psychologist, has a background counseling cancer patients. She now hopes to build an online community of cancer survivors, whom can support one another.

This project is an outgrowth of Dr. Turner's scholastic work. As her website explains, many cases of unexpected recovery from cancer were reported in various medical journals. However, explanations were lacking. This is where she saw a gap of knowledge that she's now trying to fill.

Against All Odds

This appears to be the first serious scientific look at a modern phenomenon of survivors who've been given up for dead by the mainstream medical profession. This is despite the fact that upwards of 1,000 of these cases are recorded in various scholarly journals, according to Dr. Turner.

With any luck, this will help break the silence that has, until now, surrounded these cases. It's a common complaint among survivors that their oncologists aren't really interested in hearing about recoveries that don't involve surgery, chemotherapy or radiation. It's hard not to wonder if some in the cancer industry are frightened of these stories, because, if it is possible to beat terminal cancer, after conventional treatments have failed, the very reason for the existence of the current system is called into question.

If all of these success stories could be analyzed, as Dr. Turner is trying to do, this could be the first step to counter the prevailing mindset that "terminal" cancer can't be reversed. It can only help the many desperate patients who realize their treatments aren't working. But, their oncologists will still discourage any desire to try alternative medicine, assuring them that it's "unproven."

Individual Survivor Stories

In addition to Dr. Turner's body of work, which is a more scientific look at unanticipated recoveries, individual survivor stories abound on the Internet. Also, in recent years, dozens of books filled with testimonials have been published.

Although what works for one person will not necessarily help another, these accounts should provide hope for patients who've been led to believe no other options exist.

One very compelling story is that of Dr. Lorraine Day, MD, an orthopedic surgeon diagnosed with terminal breast cancer. She refused conventional treatment and healed herself through dietary changes and addressing the stress that had consumed her life. Not only did her cancer go away, but she is in very good health and looks much younger than most women her age. She has since published a book called Getting Started on Getting Well.

A Few Popular Alternative Cancer Treatments

Essiac Tea
Mexican Cancer Clinics
German Cancer Clinics
Canadian Nurse Rene Caisse used this Native American herbal blend to treat cancer patients in her Ontario clinic, during the mid 1900's.
This formula was developed by chemist James Sheridan. It must be taken at regular times throughout the day. A number of survivors have published Internet testimonials.
It's believed that hundreds of thousands of people go to Tijuana to received alternative treatments not available in the United States.
Germany also has a network of alternative cancer clinics that deliver state-of-the-art treatments.

The Story of Tamara St. John

A very dramatic recovery by Tamara St. John is described in her book called, Defeat Cancer Now: A Nutritional Approach to Wellness for Cancer and Other Diseases. This is exactly what she was able to do with her own life, when, in 2009, she realized she had metastatic cancer.

A year earlier, while holding down a full-time job and working hard to finish her MBA, she ignored her overwhelming fatigue and some hard bumps that had appeared underneath her chin. As time went on, she began to feel even more run down, despite the fact she slept 12 hours a day.

Later, several moles started changing color. She also noticed small, but painful, lump in one of her breasts. Within a very short period of time, some of the lymph nodes under her arms began to swell and she was now in quite a bit of pain. The small lumps under her chin also began to grow.

With no health insurance, St. John embarked upon a radical overhaul of her diet, and implemented a number of other changes and alternative therapies, as described in her book.

She is now a big advocate of natural medicine, which she refers to as "God's pharmacy." A picture in her book after her recovery shows her at the summit of a 10,000-foot mountain that she had climbed.

Video Interview of Tamara St. John

The Story of Kelly Eidem

Cancer survivor Kelley Eidem also made a seemingly miraculous recovery from Stage IV cancer after consuming habanero pepper and garlic sandwiches, along with taking steps to balance his pH level.

By the time he realized he had cancer, Eidem already had a lot of information on how to treat it. That's because, earlier, he had written a book about the late Dr. Emanuel Revici, MD, a New York City-based physician who once had amazing results treating "terminal" cancer patients with various lipids to help balance their metabolism.

Unfortunately, Dr. Revici's methods of healing did not catch on with the mainstream medical establishment of the time, which was able to lobby for the revocation of Dr. Revici's license to practice medicine, despite the fact he helped countless patients recover, after all else had failed.

Short Video Interview with Kelley Eidem


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