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Healthy Foods that fight Free Radicals and prevent cancer

Updated on April 13, 2011

Healthy foods that fight and prevent Cancer

Healthy foods that prevent cancer and Fight Cancerous cells

Fighting Cancer using Healthy Recipes that are rich in antioxidants

There are plenty of foods out there that prevent Cancer and fight off Free Radicals that can cause our cells to be cancerous. For starters, its important to know that omega 3 fatty acids are very important in our diet as food that is rich in antioxidants and bio flavanoids.

Foods that are great for preventing cancer and fighting it too include:

  • Food like onions and garlic are very nutritious and help to flush out our kidneys and liver so that toxins do not build up.
  • Berries are very rich in antioxidants, berries like raspberries and blueberries are extremely nutrious and help to keep our artery walls strong. They are also very beneficial to our liver and kidneys because they help to flush out toxins that cause free radicals.
  • When it comes to slowing cancer down and fighting cancerous cells green tea is very powerful as well as Cod Liver Oil. Its important to have a balanced diet with fish, vegetables and raw fruits.
  • It is also important to understand that dark green leafy vegetables are very good for keeping our immune system strong.

For more health information on recipes that fight cancer check out the resources below. Alternatively, you can check out this article that discusses healthy anti-inflammatory foods that help to reduce inflammation in the body.

Foods That May Increase your Risk For Cancer

There are certain foods that you should try to limit because of the risk of increasing your risk of  cancer.  These will not necessarily cause cancer if you eat them moderately, but excessive intake of these products can increase your risk for cancer.

  • If you drink coffee, realize that coffee is one of the most heavily sprayed crops when it comes to spraying pesticides.  (If this is an issue for you I would recommend that you start buying organic coffee.)
  • Tuna is great but having tuna more than twice a week can expose your body to excess amounts of mercury, which tends to accumulate in tuna fish because of the bioaccumulation.
  • Limit your intake on alcohol, alcohol has been shown to increase the chance of you being diagnosed with cancer.
  • Too much fast food is not good for your body, especially your colin.  Be sure that you have a healthy diet and that you are not constantly indulging in fatty low quality red meats.
  • There is no solid evidence that I can provide for this, but I do recommend that you drink milk that has not been treated with artificial hormones.  (This is definitely a major concern for women as it may be associated with breast cancer due to abnormal intake of hormones.)
  • Be sure that the water you drink is pure, there are tons of chemicals that can exist in natural tap water.  Usually you can go to a health store and buy water for 33 cents a gallon, and that is much cheaper than buying bottled water.  If you live in places like Los Angeles, you should know that they tested the tap water in L.A. and found trace amounts of antidepressants and many other harmful contaminants.  Drinking clean tap water is a must.
  • Make sure that the meat you buy at the store is high quality and ensure that the meat is not treated with any hormones.  By this I mean, do research on what grocery stores carry meat that is from animals that have not been treated with hormones.
  • Overall, try to stay as natural as you can.  As a general rule, the fresher the food, the less it has been processed.  The less processing there is, the more ingredients there are that are retained.  Fresh foods are better than frozen foods because they retain a higher nutrient density.  Whereas foods that have been processed excessively will lose nutrients during the process.


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    • howcurecancer profile image

      Elena@LessIsHealthy 6 years ago

      One awesome hub!

    • profile image

      chris 7 years ago

      duh kelly are you blond it says berries are good for you can you not read?????

    • shahabf profile image

      shahabf 7 years ago

      Great Info.

    • profile image

      Kelly 7 years ago

      Thank you for all the info on cancer prevention, are raspberries a good food to eat too

    • pinkboxer profile image

      pinkboxer 7 years ago from Louisiana

      Great cancer prevention hub. I am a fan.