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A Cure for Cancer that No One Knows About

Updated on November 2, 2010

The Makers Diet: Cancer Survivor

The Makers Diet
The Makers Diet

Cancer Survivor

Recently I was reading "The Maker's Diet" and came across some pretty amazing health facts that I can really benefit from.

The book is about a cancer survivor and it really gives a good understanding about his journey and what we should be consuming to protect ourselves from this terrible disease. What saved his life was how he changed his diet and the impact that had on him. It's a pretty amazing story and guide that I truly recommend everyone to read. Here is some content from the book that I found relative to me and my health.

In the book they talk about the "top healing foods" that everyone should consume on a daily diet. They are also foods that have been recommended for years.

Fish and fish oils: Cod liver oil is said to be taken everyday if you're not consuming fish on a regular diet.
The omega 3's in fish and fish oil not only thin the blood but they protect the arteries, lower cholesterol, relieve headaches, fight inflammation, lower blood pressure, and inhibits cancer. As you can see they all have great health benefits.
Grapes: Grapes have been known for many health benefits in the past. They fight off tooth decay, stop viruses, and lower the risk of cancer.
These are a few of the topics that the book addresses. It has hundreds of helpful information that can benefit your body and health. I strongly recommend it!

Here is a story about a women who survived cancer, like the author, and it here's her story in the book:

"My grandma Rose was born on a farm in Poland where they consumed fruits and vegetables from the garden; eggs from free-range chickens; dairy straight from the cow; and meats from grazing animals. They pressed flaxseed and poppy seed into oil, using their own mill. "I used to eat lignan cakes as snacks with black sourdough bread," she recalls. "We used to break off pieces from the falx cakes and dip them in fresh oil right from the press."
Grandma is a cancer survivor today thanks in part to the Maker's Diet. I am convinced her problems began after her family emigrated to America, where she fell in love with white bread and ate a lot of junk food loaded with sugar, including cakes and doughnuts from the bakery. i can imagine that there are many similar stories of immigrants losing their health after coming to "the land of plenty."


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