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Cancer and nanotechnology

Updated on March 13, 2010

Nanotech is making great strides in cancer research and treatment

At my personal blog I cover a wide range of topics, but four areas get a lot of attention -- business (particularly small business), politics, the energy sector (particularly solar energy) and nanotechnology. One place nanotech is really shining in terms of regular breakthroughs and practical applications is in cancer research and treatment. Following is a recap of two years of nanotech/cancer blogging with dates of, links to the original posts and a summary of the key information.

If you are interested in the intersection of nanotechnology and cancer research, this hub is no longer a great place to get started.due to HubPages policies not allowing multiple links to one source. I sought a waiver from this otherwise sensible rule in order to present this information for people interested in the intersection of nanotechnology and cancer research and treatment, but HubPages did not respond to my request.

The original text of this hub can now be found at my blog. Sorry for the confusion and redirection, but do enjoy the material.

Nanoparticles in red on cancer cell


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