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Cancer Origins

Updated on August 14, 2016
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JT Walters has a Master's of Science in Behavoralism from Florida State University. She is a researcher in many professions in Florida.



Ho: The Origin of Cancer

As a lay person I am surrounded by people with Cancer and I have to wonder what is causing all this Cancer in Florida. In order to evaluate what causes Cancer I had to conduct a thorough research of Anatomy and Physiology, cellular dynamics, etiology of cellular mutation which I believe to be the cause of what we know as Cancer. I am making an assumption here or a leap of faith that cellular organelles mutations are the cause of cellular mutations more specifically cancer. Is it a hair brained scheme of is it possibly a new filed of research for Cancer? I leave it to you my reader to decide because as a writer I am subject to critics.

I am going to assume my readers know Anatomy and Physiology and cellular dynamics. I want to very specific and bring to the forefront of your brain Glycolysis which I am certain you have struggled to forget because it has to do with your Krebs cycle which was a traumatic experience for you to learn. Glycolysis is when your body coverts sugar into ATP.

You can refresh you memory here.

Exciting New Field of Cancer Research

We know from Medical research that Fatty Acid Oxidate (FAO) disorders or Mitochondrial Cytopathies are mutations within the mitochondria which deleted one or several pathways within the Glycolysis pathways thus making the cells struggle to create ATP. Mayo Clinic has vast research on Fatty Acid Oxidate Disorders and Cleveland Clinic has vast research on Mitochondrial Cytopathies. I encourage you to explore.

I believe the genesis of Cancer to be Mitochondrial Cytopathies but then you would have to consider the origin of mutations.

Assuming Mitochondrial Cytopathies to be the etiology of Cancer one must consider the etiology of Mitochondrial Cytopathies. Through research on the Internet I have come across many abstracts in veterinarian Science in which Scientists feed toxins to animals which cause Non alcoholic fatty liver Disease (NALFD) which caused mitochondrial cytopathies in the off spring of the animals with NALFD.

This is an interesting hypothesis because the liver a normal regenerative is so damaged it is no longer able to regenerate thus causing mutations throughout the body. All interventions for cancer to date focus on Chemotherapy (which disrupts Krebs and creation of ATP which I would deem really bad for an already damaged liver), radiation and surgery. This cancer treatment as it would focus on curing the Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver (NAFLD) in pre-cancerous patients and put preventative model at the fore front of every medical model. And while I readily admit veterinarian studies don’t necessarily translate to human, I still submit they might. And it is a good theory as to the origins of Cancer and does open new schools of cancer research. And I would think that Cancer patients no matter what form of Cancer they have need to be evaluated for Non-alcoholic liver disease.

This opens a very new exciting field in Cancer research which aims at repairing the liver with NALFD. NALFD is also a problem in people who have been treated for HIV/AIDS which also makes them prone to Cancer as well. I would submit in theory of you repair the liver the liver will replicate healthy cells instead of cancerous cells. This offers the possibility of augmenting and enhancing liver function through fat manipulation which is benign and relatively low cost.


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