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Carbon Copies.

Updated on October 1, 2009

Carbon Copies



They all lie under

the tragedy of lost forever,

their differences dissolved

into so much rot.

Where beauty is

but a memory

and ugliness matters little

when all are rendered to bone....

Marilyn Monroe looks just like

any local wallflower who never

married and died an old maid.

Both the humble

and the rich compost

becoming the same soil

which eventually

is absorbed into

lovely flowers and trees.

Nature wastes little

in her grand plans.

All that remains are the dull

self-same bones that eventually

crumble into nothing but dust.

What once was physical

becomes metaphysical.

Be yourself, forget what others think

eventually they will be just like you.

Equality is granted to all in the

rigor mortised grins of death.


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